Will Army and Tri-Service Skiing Championships take place next year?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by The-Goose, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Given the considerable cost to the Public Purse and the relatively few serving individuals who benefit from this Bean feast in the snow, can this be justified this year.

    The real cost of this are often hidden away or simply not disclosed in order to protct the event. There are so many senior officers / COs and Retired Hangers on all living off the fat of HMGs funding to go skiing and in light of cuts to other, just as worthy, activities - will they actually allow it. There will be some balls about it being a feeder to the GBR Olympics, but that's a smokescreen too.

    If money is to be spent on skiing it could be better used providing skiing to wounded / disabled troops and their families!
  2. Should this be in Adventure Training?
  3. So, you're bitching about the cost. Then argue against yourself by stating that the money would be wiser spent on a jolly for retards, and their families??

    I had the pleasure of skiing iduring my time in, and it's not a holiday! It's hard graft. Granted there are a few beers each night etc, but it's up early doors and out on the slopes for some serious training.

    We also contributed to the total cost of the skiing, it was far from free.
  4. We are discussing 2 different things here. I am talking about the Ski Championships themselves your are talking about Ex Winter Warrior. They are connected by their common use of skis but thats about it.
    that you don't know and understadnd the difference actually underlines the wya in which "they" keep the Ski Champs such a well guarded secret - you would not want to spoil an RO bunfight would you?
  5. I do know the difference. "they" don't keep it secret at all. If you ski well, and progress upwards through the skiing fraternity then you will get an invite, if you preform well at unit/corps level.

    You still have to pay towards the cost.
  6. Not quite sure then why you seemed to be talking about Winter Warrior. OK lets talk about the Champs themselves, granted that some (not all - Regts do pay) have to contribute, they do not cover anywhere near the whole cost, especially when you consider that each participant is costing the Taxpayer the cost of, let's say a soldier - although most are not as they are Officers and SNCOs. Then there is the travel, the accomodation, the equipment, the cost of using the hill, the facilities. Of course the event is sponsored but then consider who is sponsoring it and what are they getting?
  7. Some funding comes from the "army sports lottery" or whatever it is nowadays, then the PRI sometimes chips in. Each individual can pay between £300 - £500 depending.

    Some trust also puts a lot of cash in, but I don't know who it is now.

    Who sponsors the event? Sodhexo I'd imagine???
  8. But you fail to mention that the bulk of funding comes from HMG. However you try and paste iy up this is a lot of cash for a few days fun.
  9. "But you fail to mention that the bulk of funding comes from HMG. However you try and paste iy up this is a lot of cash for a few days fun."

    Also, I believe that the individuals don't have to take leave (or didnt when I went to the RN version). Effectively taxpayer is paying for soldiers that go to have a weeks bonus leave every year. If it was changed so that personnel took leave to attend then thats one thing, but I think the times of multiple service supported ski weeks are rapidly drawing to an end.
  10. You guys are right. Perhaps we should stop any sport in the Army, as it's not productive.

    Perhaps we should make guys that are lucky enough to be in a unit that has time for a sports afternoon, submit a leave pass for every wednesday.

    How do you guys feel about the Army v Navy? Are you going next year? That should be cancelled. I'd dread to think how much the stadium costs to rent?

    I played some rugby whilst serving, we toured a few times. I didn't submit a leave pass for them either.

    I also did some sailing, no leave pass for that. Imagine how much the NIC 55s must have cost to buy?!?!! And there were at least 3 of them.

    Perhaps we should put the operational tempo up a bit too.......and shorten R&R (unless you submit a leave pass) as to improve value for money. Since your wages are funded by HMG.

    Perhaps we take all the fun out of the Armed forces you couple of bellends!

    Being good at something has it's advantages. If you don't like it, tough, stop whinging because others are having a good time and you're not.

    If you want a piece of the action.....get fit.....learn to ski........get amongst it.
  11. I echo PA points.

    If you want to compete at some jolly good meets pick a sport, get good at it and have fun.

    I've been on expeds and competitions to Norway, Thailand, Iceland, South America and a few others (Wales anyone :D ). Adventure Training is part of the package that entices youngsters through the door, and more to the point provides a controlled training environment in which to push the individual. Improving their effectiveness on Ops.


    And the Army and Tri-Service events DO help with that, and act as a feeder to various national sports. I represented GBR in a world event, I didn't just turn up on a jolly. It was after years of battling out of the door on a wednesday afternoon, being the last guys back (always) on a wed evening, weekends and competions in Wales, Germany, England before being given the chance to represent my country.

    Don't get jealous, get out there and do something.
  12. No complaints necessarily with Service personnel having the opportunity, its all the hamgers on, allicandos and rally old ROs with wives and family in tow all jumoing on the bandwagon and having a free lunch on the back of things like Army Ski Champs. interestingly they alawys make Very senior Officers the Preseident of these things thereby making the whole thing inviolate from any comment of investigative discussion. What about sponsors dinners?
  13. Switched on eh? ;)
  14. AT can't (shouldn't) be done on leave, as if you seriously break yourself then the mod are not gonna pay out any compo etc.
    Looking forward to a couple of weeks free skiing this season on the Army's time :)
  15. Couldn't agree more that the guys should all get out on AT to the max. But, this is not specfically what the thread is about, which is the very huge amounts of HMG dosh being spent on very few guys skiing, whilst a very large number of hangers on swan around doing very little.