Will AK47 mags fit in PLCE pouches ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by youngrichie, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Im about to take up a post in Africa and have been told I will be issued an AK47 as my pers weapon ! Anyone got any ideas or recomendations with this or anything i should no about using and maintaining one ???
  2. Get a local made chest rig out there? AK mag shouldn't fit into PLCE.
  3. Like box-of-frogs said, I doubt PLCE would do, The Nigerian Army guys with me have some decent looking chest rigs.
    Where in Africa are you working? Are you sure that you will be openly carrying weapons?
  4. If you want to keep your PLCE webbing to use, you can get pouches made by Viper that hold 6 AK magazines, or 8 for the SA80 when you get back. Pretty hardwearing, velcro and press-stud closure, but MOLLE fastening so you will need a yoke loop sewn on/ attatched to your belt.

  5. Use the utility pouches on the front instead of the double ammo ones?

    They are good for holding lots of link so perhaps AK mags would fit... but what do I know, I've never used an AK.
  6. Nice digi DPM, could you use these back home?
  7. Couldn't say, I've never felt the need to wear webbing when I'm at home.
  8. Young Richie, Check Pm's.
  9. where do ya put your brew and biscuits when watching eastenders?
  10. In my mouth............... :lol:

  11. If you're off to Sierra Leone and it hasn't changed since I was there, you'll get a Chinese Type 56-2 carbine (folding stock like an AR18, no bayonet boss). It's pretty reliable, but make sure your mags are in good nick.

    As for webbing, your best bet is to get round your RQ before you go and see if he's got any 58 pattern webbing hiding in a broom cupboard. The 58 mag pouches will hold 3 x 30 rd mags easily, but if you try to fit more in you'll have loads of fun trying to get them out especially in the rainy season.

    The kit the locals have is either v. v. old 58 pattern or cr@p chinese chesty stuff, and they won't give you it anyway (because you are a RICH BRITISH SOLDIER who they will be badgering for "Asseeestance" for the duration of your tour).

    Other than that, try to get yourself East German(?) ammo (steel cartridge cases painted green) rather than Chinese firecrackers (copper case same colour as the bullets). The chinky stuff causes a lot of stoppages.

    Have fun, and don't blow all your LSP on the rancid hookers down Mammy Yoko.
  12. Oh yes, and the same applies to the Makarov pistol you may also get. Don't use chinky ammo with that either, if you can help it! Better yet, if you are off to S-L, go and make friends with the Police advisors and see about getting yourself a Glock.
  13. Contact Troopers or Jayjays and ask them to make a PLCE type pouch that will take x amount of AK mags, shouldn't cost too much, steer clear of viper or webtex, both are utter garbage.
  14. I've seen a couple of those Soviet/Viet cong type chest rigs in army surplus stores in London. Would they do until you find something better?