Will a recession spark more recruitment for the armed forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. What with everyone being equipped with their "Sense of Impending Doom" with a "Global Recession" around the corner, will we see a surge in recruiting numbers at Armed Forces careers offices?

    If job losses start to occur with industry and unemployment goes up, we could see a major increase in recruiting, with people having the idea of joining the forces for a bit of job security (until the next round of cutbacks that is!)
  2. Probably a bit. Hard to recruit and equip more men if liabour has even less cash to give the forces though.
  3. Doubt it, if i was made redundant tommorow id be entitled to more in benifits than the pittance there paying a squaddie
  4. Right there, and get it without the possibility of going to dangerous, sandy places...

    The gobment will strip everyone's pension funds bare before cutting benefits of the sick, lame and lazy.
  5. perhaps gordon will go for full employment in the UK by declaring war. Invading a small country (say) Iceland which kicks off into a much bigger confrontation using the whole armed forces having to spank luxemburg* or Denmark*.

    *due to downsizing of the UK armed forces, larger countries are probably pretty safe.
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    People would join out of desperation, yes. Certain industrial areas would have scant few alternatives. But it wouldn't mean an increase in overall numbers. They would still be spreading the Armed Forces as thinly across Op's as possible, laughing as people resigned by the bucketload due to continuous Operation fatigue, secrure in the knowledge they could replace them with fresh recruits.

    Just why they have that ignorant mentality in the current (deperately short of) recruitment enviornment whist at the same time attempting to cap Commonwealth applications (of which there has never been a shortage of willing persons) is beyond me.
  8. Things built in the UK 8O :?

    That's just an old legend and crazy speak! :roll:

    Keep things serious Auxie... :lol:
  9. Will it matter?

    A deep recession will give cyclops the excuse to reduce funding and instigate a further downsizing of the army to, say, 30 battalions, perhaps!
  10. I say that man! UK PLC is jolly damn good at making one thing - a complete dog's breakfast of anything it touches, and don't you forget it! We should be bally well proud! As far as recruitment goes I reckon it'd be a hard job to convince many of the lazy arrogant scum who pass for the younger generation to get out of their fartsacks and do anything. Telling them that in about 4 years' time they'll have the opportunity to go running around their sink estate popping people off with automatic weapons without any chance of police comeback might raise a glimmer of interest, but the thought of early rising, staying clean and tidy and doing what you are told would kill that dead.
  11. As been said before a lot of those lazy arrogant scum are doing the nation and army proud in both sandpits yes there are lots of wasters but dont forget todays chav could be tomorrows squaddie
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    But those lads are the sort who would join anyway
    There always will be an element of lads who will join regardless
    As it is most wil be at collage and will be unafected the feckless will have an excuse to stay on the dole
    We haven't got the large scale industries we had before so there won't be loads of lads unemployed who actually want to work
    Ther will be an increase (slight) in mid 20's joining as they might seek the security especially if they have a couple of kids
    Those of us us who are out now are to old to rejoin anyway so abroad as civvies might be the next best option
    I expect the TA might see an increase as people will take the 'no compulsray call ups' chance for a bit of extra dosh

    Could the forces cope with a rush of thousands of new recruits ?
    Does it have the kit and accomodation ?
    Last time we had mass unemployment we had a large( 100,000 +) Army
  13. Will recession spark more recruitment.....?

    No idea in these modern times, but 1929 was a bad time. Dad was a skilled carpenter. He lost his job two or three times, simply because there was no work for him to do. Each time he got a written testimonial from his employer stating that he was an excellent workman which helped him get another job, which then collapsed under him. Finally he gave up and joined the RAF. Short pause to give to time to giggle and recover your composure. He started his basic training at RAF Uxbridge and found many men walking into camp on the first day in bare feet. The old joke about joining up to get a pair of boots was not a joke for many. Most joined because of poverty. Dad did. He signed up for 7 years, and left in 1936 and was immediately recalled. His 7 years service finally ended in 1947.

    Would it happen now? As others have indicated, benefits would mean that poverty won't kick in to the same extent that it did in 1929, at least not yet. That would seem to make a rise in recruitment less likely. However, in the years I have been teaching I have to say that when jobs have been scarce more of the lads have joined up after leaving school - and fewer when there have been plenty of jobs to choose from.
  14. In the Telegraph today:


  15. As a slight aside, has TA attendance increased due to the "credit crunch"?

    When I was a PSI (swings lantern) there seemed to be a noticable increase in attendance pre Christmas with people (probably) wanting to top up their Christmas slush funds and to show their faces just prior to attending the Christmas party.