Will a bad stammer, prevent me from becoming an officer?

Well it didn't stop Nigel from making it to Sgt. and I suspect to Tiffy sometime after 7Armd. Mind you it was only in times of stress it would really become a problem, like when playing Bridge and the cards he was being dealt started to make a good hand. As he picked up each one dealt to him his eyes would start to bulge, face go red, hands start to shake and you knew when it came to his bid it would take some time, I seem to recall diamonds were his biggest challenge, "2 d-d-d-d-d...", next in line would then usually pass before he had got it all out.

So this did not seem to affect his chosen career, just lucky he never went for Professional Poker player I guess.

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I am 22 I have a 1:1 degree. I recently quit my office job, due to hating it.

I have considered applying for an officer role, it is something I have wanted to do since a kid.
However I have a very bad stammer, but I do believe in time I can correct it; do you think this will block my chances of getting through the recruitment process?
I would say go for it. I also had a dreadful stammer mostly sorted by the introduction to women, alcohol and the Army.


If you had gone to AOSB a couple of years ago, you might have come across one of the Group Leaders there who had a very noticeable stammer, so it definitely isn't a show stopper. As with many such things, how much it affects your chances of joining as an officer will probably depend on how much it appears to affect you during the selection process. If you can't get your points over during the discussions, interviews and tasks at AOSB, the assessors are likely to conclude that you will struggle in training (and subsequently). If, on the other hand, it doesn't appear to be an insuperable problem, you will probably be OK.

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