Will 2011 Go Down In British History As The Year Of The Riot's ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. We are all aware of the situation with the current student riots happenings on our streets right now culminating in a attack on members of the royal family.
    I fear that all this mayhem will be a drop in the ocean compared to next years implementation of the severe service cuts announced by government starting to kick in which will seriously affect all quarters of our society.
    Most worrying is the fact that the law enforcers themselves (the police) will be loosing around 25% of it's manpower.
    In a worst case scenario, i can see the Army being called in to preserve order on our streets.
    The mistakes of yesteryear made by the rich and privileged of our society in my view is to blame, and the poor are now being ordered to pay the huge cost.
    A cost that will inevitably go on for many years!
    What do you think?
  2. There'll be rivers of blood! You know, that sounds familiar... Oh yes, Enoch Powell said it in 1968. Nothing changes.
  3. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Hopefully, all this practice will give the Police ample time to review their tactics, strategy and move away from 'softly, softly' (great customer service there Paul Stephenson), to cracking skulls with conviction. Water Cannons and tear gas are the way forward if this keeps on, as we can ill afford to allow these cocks the freedom to run around town smashing whatever shit they feel like. The world was watching yesterday, and most people were asking why such restraint was shown by Plod. Fair play, we want no repeat of drunken - obstructor having a heart attack or vile harridon getting batoned or the other one getting a bunch of fives in the face, but by and large they were the 'peaceful protestors'. The hard core ***** need to get a good shoeing, lest they start to think its free reign to smash whatever they want up. They weren't even genuine hippies, hand wringers or layabout students anyway. Anarchists need to get the message that we are not a joke of a nation, even if it is actually correct.
  4. Nonsense. Its nothing compared to the riots of the 70s and 80s including the miners strike. Don't forget that in those days, that all plod had was a few 6' shields and an 8" truncheon, blue no 2 dress and a pointy hat.
  5. It could be the case that the student riots will hit towns and cities in Edinburgh and Wales as the Scottish Parliament and welsh Assembly run out of money next year, or the year after and have to impose some form of Student Tuition Fees.

    The current Scottish Parliament is run by a loose coalition of SNP and Labour, with a Semi-Marxist agenda as to where 'Money Comes from' (ie:- it grows on trees, it comes out of the Bank of England printing presses, it comes from the Tax Payer in ever increasing amounts). The same goes for the Welsh Assembly.

    Students from English Colleges and Universities are party demonstrating/rioting due the circumstances that currently apply in scotland and Wales - no student tuition fees.

    However when the Scottish Parliament and Welsh assembly have to face the cold fiscal realities of the coming years, their student swill be rioting in Edinburgh and Cardiff, possibly.

    The old Trots, Marixsts, Anarchist who are currently hiding in the Labour movement will be delighted at this. All they want is to see a return of a spineless and compliant Labour Party in government, who will :-

    (a) Do as it is told by the TUC and Unions.
    (b) Restart the Bank of England's printing presses to print more Fiscal Easement for large quantities Beer Tokens.
    (c) Increase Income Tax, Council Tax and any other stealth taxes that can be dreamt up.
    (d) Impose the new religion of 'CO2 Worship', so environmental taxes can be slapped on everyone.

    Doc MrBroone will be elevated to the House of Lards, along with all the other old Marxist Chaps and Chapesses.

    To start all this off, the Anarchists, Halfwits, Marixsts, Maoists.... etc will attempt to undermine and overthrow the Con-Dem coalition by any means....

    Of course I jest about all this.... just my cynical mind working overtime....
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  6. 2011 is the year we all start paying 20% V.A.T the highest rate yet. If 20% isn't enough to top up the coffers of the chancellor then it will probably go up further.

    Expect more poverty, more black ecconomy, more crime - but fewer police, smaller Army, Navy and Airforce. Probably be more demos and protests with fewer tourists bringing in dosh as a consequence.

    This is the legacy of the Labour government, we will be paying the cost of that kunt Brown getting into No 10 for quite a long time now.
  7. Do I need planning permission for a moat and drawbridge?
  8. IMHO, Labour and Blair in particular are at fault for creating non-jobs/quangoes/jobs 4 the boys etc and as a consequence, we're having riots by some who are either too young to vote or probably didn't vote. Those that did should wake up and get real. I believe that peaceful protest is justified but having it hijacked by that scum we saw yesterday does nothing for the students' cause.

    And why piss on Churchill's memorial? That man did more for this country than the wee shite who relieved himself will ever do. And the bint climbing on the Cenotaph - ******* scrubber. I'll be kind and say they are too young to understand! Arrest them, stick them on a plane to a sandy place and tell them they can come back to get a lift home after a week.

    As Mrs Chance says, "Shooting's too good for that lot!" I tend to agree with her.
  9. Mint.

    I hope the Army gets to crack some skulls, we've been getting too popular with the citizens for a few years now. Time to wind the clock back to the Riot Act and putting down the redundant millworkers
  10. Ah, yes, Peterloo...the good old days!
  11. Well, it would give the Yeomanry a UK Ops role ...

  12. There's no such thing as "the poor" or "the rich and privileged". This romanticised Robin Hood idea does nothing except to provide an excuse for the thick and lazy to remain thick and lazy.

    Decisions are taken by "rich and privileged" people in positions of power. Not because society is "anti-poor", but because poor people worth listening to have worked hard and used the opportunities open to them to put themselves into "rich and privileged" positions of responsibility.

    Conveniently, everything will always be the fault of "the rich and privileged" and not the thick, lazy poor.
  13. DeltaDog: To define the poor in our society as being "thick and lazy" as you put it, is quite frankly wrong.
    You don't have to dig too deep to find the good in this class of people in our society, obviously there does exist a small minority with whom you unfortunately can not do anything with, granted, but i would also say that some of my closest friends who would literally give you their shirt off their back and would welcome you into their house anytime -- real genuine "salt of the earth" people given half a chance.
    The fact is, we do indeed live in a class society in this country, as has always been the case.
    I would be far more concerned with the cavalier attitudes of the so called "high and mighty" in our society, who's soul objective in life seems to revolve around money, sex and power!
  14. Oh dear. Here we go again – class.

    It really is about time that people woke up to the fact that every bloody society in the world has a class system of one sort or another.

    Live with it.
  15. Ah yes but how is class manoeuvrability now for the younger generation? Remember they have to pay a large debt, come up with a deposit for a house, pay for a car/road tax/petrol/NI/Utility bills etcetc. How is a young first jobber meant to cope with all that when living in the SE or London?

    The rich can do it because daddy owns the property/company/pays for a car, the rest struggle and fall off the dung heap and slide back into the gutter.

    I may be in the gutter, but I'm on my back and looking at the stars.