Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor knife

Does anyone have any experience with this knife?Is it considered to be a sound design or Too Walt For Words? :?
Civvy_Shot said:
Thought the factory closed in late 2005? Has someone started making them (probably in Far East) again?
Highly likely!

Just like Webley and Scott shotguns (made in Turkey FFS!)
Half of BSA's products have never seen Birmingham.
To be fair, some of the Japanese made blades are very good (CRKT for example), lower end Browning shotguns are also made in Nippon.

Just a shame when a respected name is bought out by Johnny Foreigner and market stall grade tat gets flogged all over t'internet. There was a batch of dodgy quality alleged Fairbairn-Sykes doing the rounds recently and I seem to remember about 15 years ago it was all fake K-Bars and USAF Survival knives being sold through Gunmart.

Hanyway, if you are anything like me when it comes to breaking/losing kit and want a budget option, try the Frost fixed blade option. Cheap as chips, Swedish steel (remember to oil it now and then) ABS sheath and I think you can get it in olive green to make it easier to lose. Under a tenner, and the Civvy version seen under a fiver.
Correct about the sword factory closure (sob) :( -the prospect forced me to buy one while I still could, at a less-than-ridiculous price.I last saw one on ebay for something like 350 Euro (!) 8O .I thought I'd do some research rather than make a fool of myself.Thanks, gents

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