Wilkinson Retires from Test rugby

Shame to see another true Rugby great hang up their international boots. It would of been good to see some sort of testimonial to honour his service for England in the same way Shane Williams recieved at Millenium Stadium but not sure that would of been JW's style as he is a notoriously humble bloke.

He has been a fantastic player to watch over the years and has been the ultimate professional throughout. With any luck he has inspired a generation of British boys to approach sport with the same attitude.


It's about time someone put the for-once-uninjured one-trick-pony out to pasture.

Que the Guru griping.........
My wife was seven months pregnant when we won RWC 2003. Our son was kicking so hard we thought he would appear there and then on that November morning...

As it happened, he "gained his first cap" the following January, in the same hospital that I believe Jonny Wilkinson was born in - Frimley Park, Surrey.

The doctor in charge of the delivery, a fanatical Welsh fan, took a clean, two handed "catch" of our son, and said, knowing our love of the game "Oh great, another bl**dy boy to play for you English!"

Our son's name? Jonny of course!


Just imagine his points haul if he hadn't lost all that time to injury. Hell of a player, hell of a man.
Imagine just how pissed off Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans would have been, now that is the really sad part. A real loss to the game, unless.........England Manager????
It's about time someone put the for-once-uninjured one-trick-pony out to pasture.

Que the Guru griping.........
You classless ****.

Johnny has been a magnificent servant to English Rugby. I don't think many will ever forget the drop goal in 2003.

As stated, like Shane Williams, both have been great players for their nations.

Oh, and what the **** is a "Que"?
You only have to look at how many kids coming through the club ranks have adopted the 'wilkinson crouch and hand clasp' to see how much influence he's had on the game. If only a few of them inherit Wilko's work ethic then it can only be good for the game in the long term.
For me the most exciting game of Rugby I've ever watched was the 2003 World cup final.

A more humble (Often too humble) ambassador to the sport you'd struggle to find.

He beat himself up far too many times for his own good, and its very very very rare JW didn't produce the goods when under the most horrendous pressure.

He'll be massivley missed.

I have to be honest however, if I was blessed with his looks and ability I would have hung up my boots in 2003 and gone on a shag fest....... I'd still be on it now, and if anyone forgot me Id play that drop goal on my ipad then bum them.


He was an exceptional player, it's a shame he was blighted by the shoulder injuries. A superb kicker whether from the foot or off the tee.

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