Wilkinson fails fitness test...again

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by in_the_cheapseats, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Yes - right hand of God is his true status

  2. No - always breaking, Eggshell is his middle name

  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator


    Jonny's buggered again.

    See Here

    Saying that I'm not sure if he will be missed. The two new lads played pretty well last weekend.

    Time to move on, I think
  2. Yeah, fair play, at his peak (pre and during the world cup), even i, a welshman, had to begrudgingly admire him.

    But now he's Mr brittlebones. Time to move on and nuture those two lads who played on saturday, they looked quite good.

    Or alternatively you can have Stephen Jones. He's useless.
  3. Hmmm not a surpirise really! I can't help but think it's not too long until he's off to the NFL to just run on to kick a few points then off again back into his cotton wool.

    Flood played really well though a very good replacemant.
  4. If he was a racehorse, he would've been put down ages ago.

    Time to move on methinks!
  5. Geraghty must start at 10 this weekend. No question.
  6. If I was english and really gave a fcuk, I too would pick Geraghty over Flood. Erm...this London Irish sweatshirt? I'm wearing it ..for a mate, yes that's it...for a mate. I'm more concerned about who will replace southwell in the Porage Wog Army...
  7. Nah, I though Flood played a great game, used his head, took just enough risk without being silly and seemed to play his own game rather than just be a Wilco replacement.
  8. As plenty on here will agree - once you've an injury your knacked even with all the top surgeons and physio.

  9. Flood has been outstanding for the Falcons in the majority of games this season, the only thing that is missing from his game is a sympathetic pass, too many times they have been over the receiving players head or at his boot laces. Wilko has the better hands and a better tactical kicking brain but I would say that Noah has the real guile that a top class 10 requires and wants to keep the ball alive as much as possible
  10. Wilkinson is made of cardboard
  11. As the man himself said "all I did was kick the ball", if he'd missed would he even have had all the chances since?

    Time to call it a day.
  12. Unfortunately, it is Patterson and not Lamont! Parks was good on Saturday but I can't help thinking how great Scotland played against Australia in the last world cup when he moved to number 10 (watch out Tony Blair).

    I am glad Di Rollo is dropped as he is pish! Am surprised Callum has been dropped from the squad altogether? Was he that bad?

    Come back soon M Blair and Jason White!

    I sense an upset in Paris this weekend. Big Rob Dewey getting a brace of tries.
  13. I still can't believe Lewsey has been dropped from the squad altogether. Admittedly every forward pass at my club training the other night was called "doing a Josh Lewsey", I didn't think he played THAT badly.
  14. I agree! It was only a few months ago that Lewsey was the toast of Twickers with his try saving tackle against SA! Lewsey is class but maybe Ashton is just trying something new before the WC?
  15. Callam has an injury I believe but johnny beattie Jr will do very nicely thank you!