Wilfred Thesiger: Valour in the Family

I've just finished reading the excellent Autobiography of Wilfred Thesiger, 'The Life of My Choice'. Although best known as one of the last gentleman adventurers to go hairing round the Middle East old Wilf has a number of other claims to fame, including serving in Africa during WW2 with the SAS, SOE and Orde Wingate's Gideon force.

It was with Gideon Force (the operation to drive the Italians from Abyssinia) that he was awarded the DSO after leading a flying column to capture an Italian Fort and taking 2500 prisoners. This is enough of a feat in itself, but he also mentions that his Father won a DSO during the Boer War and that one of his brothers got an MC in WW2.

Does anyone else know of any other families with such impressive records?

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