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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Travelgall, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. After a decade hiatus in the service of the Queen i've re-joined. And I'm setting up a shopping list for all those shiny things I couldn't buy whilst Civ-Pop on the grounds of waltism. Looking at these rather Gucci nomex kevlar gloves. Has anybody used them and what's your op-ed on them if you have? Naturally I won't be spending 118 of America's finest dollars on them as I have found them cheaper in the UK.

    Many thanks
  2. What the hell do you need them for, you planning on setting your hands on fire much? If you've just rejoined you'll have some leather ones with Gore-Tex in them for all of £0.
  3. When I say cheaper. I mean really cheaper. I don't like Gore-tex, prefer leather.
  4. There nice if you wonna spend that much on gloves then go for it. I wear gloves all the time on ex.
  5. Thanks Thecoops. Actually just spending time and petrol money driving to Mildenhall on them. Buddy of mine is a USAF JTAC, who has a friend ditching his kit having put his papers in. He wondered if I wanted some of it since I was "Re-greening" as the Yanks would say. Fair distance to drive though for a set of gloves, most of his other stuff is going to be either day-glo UCP or ABU which I obviously can't wear being British and I wondered whether it was worth it.
  6. On ops now you have to wears glove, glasses and sleeves rolled down. also they stop you hand getting f@cked up.
  7. My bold. I'm on OPTAG at the moment and that's what we were told yesterday
  8. The Wiley X gloves like the issue one probably won't melt over your hands like some Chinese Oakley knock offs
  9. I've got the wiley x ones and they are brilliant. Picked them up in the PX as the issue leather ones get so grubby and fall apart pretty quick as they are basically think leather. The Wiley X ones are more breathable as well and the knuckle protection works well. A lot have the oakleys but personal pref amongst a lot of us was the wileys. They last well as well.
  10. Perfect, I'll make the trip then and give you my thoughts. Thanks Guys.
  11. Just picked them up. Look great, fairly comfortable, some slight loss of feel and dexterity but a damn sight less than the Goretex ones. Should be no problems for Mag Changes but probably want to take them off when buggering around with Firing Pin Retaining Pins. Solid knuckle protectors. Looking forward to getting them out into the field. Kevlar only on the back though. Thought the palm would have soe protection other than the leather.
  12. The leather is hard wearing