Wiley X or ESS Advancer

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jack-daniels, May 30, 2010.

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  1. I was going to get some Wiley X SG-1's for work but chatting to a chap in the Irish Guards last night and he reckoned the ESS Advancer were better.
    Anyone have any experience of both these goggles?
  2. They do but they're utter shite, I need something that clings around my eyes to stop crap flying in.
  3. Well really you should be raising a grievance with your work then; PPE has to be fit for purpose, but if that's not an option then I'm reliably informed that ESS do very good goggles; a mate bought some Turbofan ones whilst in the States as his cheap old ones kept fogging up and was very impressed with them. Not too cheap in this country though.
  4. I had SG-1 on H10, rate them highly. I have no experience of others other than the issue ones, which are ok but fall to bits too easily. SG-1s are effectively goggles rather than sunnies and let very little dust in. THey are way better than the issue goggs too.
  5. ess from ebay brilliant and £££s cheapers have had a pair for a few years now and they have performed very well
  6. Search over....I am now the owner of a set of ESS.
    Still a case of who you know! Now all I need is a lesson in changing the lenses!
  7. Have you owned willeys before? How do the ESS stack up? I've been impressed withe Wiley X, never used ESS.
  8. I got some Turbofans from the states. Absolutly brills. After 18 months use the motor got loud.
    ESS in the UK replace them for free. Brilliant service.
    I saved £70 by buying direct from over there.
  9. At the risk of sounding like a spoilsport, you are aware that wearing non-issue PPE will invalidate all of your insurance and compo claims should you be injured whilst on operations?
  10. Bubbles, since JD generally talks about Aldershot pubs, i suspect his weight/belly may already invalidate him from getting out the door

    (JD - apologies if you aren't a pie eater)

    if you want really gucci, but don't want them fogging up may i present (fanfare and ta-das)

    Mesh Safety goggles

    as used to protect chain saw peeps, should work for bar room saw dust :eye:
  11. You get issued what you just bought for tour; with all 3 lenses. Good waste of cash there!
  12. I've used both sg1's and ess the sg1 look the nuts but steam up as soon as you stop the ess i found better and swopped the over for photos