Wiley Shades

Probably been done but...

Anyone know if you can get these with prescription lenses? Some come with the interchangeable lenses so I would have thought it would be technically possible.

If not, any recommendations? They have to be wide fitting due to oversized bonce. I did have an old set of ski-ing type Raybans but they were too heavy and virtually cut your nose off.
Sorry, I thought this was a comparison thread for hetero tigers to compare the suspiciously darker shade of their willy's from roaring it up Frauleins bots....

How disapointed am i !!

Mines the colour of stewed tea by the way.


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thought about the ESS Ice glasses? mine ended up costing me about £70 in total with a prescription insert, and you have the choice then of grey, amber or clear outer lenses too.

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