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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by gorilla, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. Fellow Arrsers, I am having problems with a couple of magpies, can anyone suggest a lure to use. Idea being getting them into range of my air rifle. :twisted:
  2. Your wifes shiny jewellery ;) might get some chavs in rifle range too.
  3. Not that I would ever shoot a wild bird, but a crisp packet, "Mylar" nice and shinny, laid out on my shed roof with some dog food on it would probable work quit well, not that I have ever tried this of course
  4. Borrow a Larson trap. Put a Magpie in the bait end and other magpies will be attracted to the trap end from where you neck them.

    This of course leaves you with a slight problem, how to attract and capture the bait magpie.
  5. A rubber* Owl works pretty well. The Corvids will come and mob it.

    The inside of a crisp packet is alleged to work as well - not tried it, heaven forbid etc...

    Something to be aware of is that all baby Magpies are sent on a Firearms identification course before they fledge. So they know that the range of an Air rifle is approx 40yds, a .22 rimfire approx 200 yds, .338 -the next county. I'm sure that you get the general idea that basicly the b*****rs always seem to be just out of range

    *It is not necessary to get a vibrating rubber owl: Remember, we are only trying to attract them not commit an act of bestiality :)
  6. Owls dont work on Teddy Bears

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  7. A long, thin strip of silver foil, crumpled-up a bit with some sweetcorn on it. Works well.

    If the magpies are young you can often draw them closer by rattling a big box of matches (sounds a bit like the magpie call).
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The Larsen is a great way to control Magpies, but it's probably better left to professionals such as Gamekeepers.

    There are a number of Regs covering it's use in the DEFRA General Licence, and they are currently unclear. Prosecutions for improper use have taken place.

    As for culling, Corvids are classed as Vermin under the General Licence so you are free to control the population using 'lethal methods'.
    Happybonzo's right though, they have an inbuilt firearm radar so be prepared to be bloody patient!
  9. Larsen trap in action

  10. A magpie decoy and a dead rabbit with its belly split open does the trick.

  11. Managed to shoot 4 of them last month, now they're getting smart. I'll report on my successes later.
  12. Genuine question what problem do magpies actually cause.
    I know people hate them but always wondered why they get classed as vermin you can't eat them?
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Of course you can eat them. It'd be exactly the same as Crow/Rook Pie.

    As for why, they destroy birds nests, their eggs and take the chicks for one. Hence Gamekeepers hating them.
  14. fair enough slaughter them can't imagine they taste nice
  15. There are two pairs in my neighbourhood. Apart from the intensely irritating noise they make, last year they killed every single baby bird in the garden, including:

    Blue tits

    Quite a holocaust for the poor old garden birds.

    I'd like to shoot them, but I'm in a suburban area. Might have to make a sniper hide in the depths of my garage and try and take them out unnoticed...