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With the new season almost upon us I'd appreciate any top tips from anyone with wildfowling experience at John Muir Country Park, near Dunbar.

I've already been down for a couple of recces to get a feel for the area and tides etc (and realise they will be different during the winter / moon states and so on) and received the permit in the post yesterday, so just waiting for the right time to go after 1st Sept.

I realise that many 'fowlers keep a tight hold on such things but then again you don't get if you don't ask!

Good luck to all for the forthcoming season(s).



Good luck mate, I used to take my fowling as flighting on the marshes near here but lost my place in the syndicate!
Cheers Ugly (it's been a very long time since I've said that to anyone, but that's another story!).

I think this may have been too much of a niche question, so if anybody has any general tips about foreshore wildfowling then please feel free to add here, or should we have a wildfowling in general thread?

Come on - we're 10 days in and not a peep so far about this fine discipline.

Any early geese sightings so far? Only some feral Canadas moving about round my way but they're still worth the effort.

Also - anybody know of sources for cheap non-toxic cartridges? (apart from justcartridges, or are they the main place to go?). Used hevi-shot last season for the first time and had some great results but expensive as hell.

Good shooting.

Wildfowling. I wish you the best of luck.

All I got in return for an expedition with friends on the Kent coast was hypothermia. Can only presume it is worse in Scotland!
Cheers Blogg - I suppose 'fowling is a bit of an acquired taste and not attractive to everyone.

Geese are well and truly on the move now and I happened across 1000+ (pinks) while out with the dog the other day but typically no gun. Didn't matter though, as it's sometimes just as satisfying to watch them, rather than pretend to be a bush and try and get a shot in.

Also a fair few pintail and couple of wigeon spotted.

Geese have started moving in in numbers on the West coast of Scotland just now. A couple of thou went over yesterday and the same today. Point of interest, the outer isles are having a real problem with geese as they have been nesting there for several years and dont bother migrating. For those with Royal taste, the swans are moving now too. :)


Agricultural pest status here for canadas but for some reason non toxic only shot!
Magnum - cheers for the info on the West Coast goose situation, always handy to know where they are - but swans?????? It's OK; my WAH detector is fully operational at the moment.

Ugly - I know what you mean about having to use non-toxic on Canadas, given their pest status but, IMHO, the fact that this status does not apply throughout the whole country means that people are less likely to fall foul of the law if they know they have to stick to one particular type of ammo for a particular species i.e. non-toxic for ducks and geese anywhere.

However, how do the powers that be explain the anomaly whereby you can shoot a snipe, or in fact other gamebirds, with lead on the same ground that you have to shoot duck on with non-toxic?

As an aside, what are the favoured loads for those using non-toxic at the moment? I've tried the eye-wateringly expensive (£14 for 10 bangs!) HEVI-Shot, which gave good results and especially good stopping power at birds at maximum range but have also had no problem using various brands of steel shot No 3 or 4, which come in at around a fiver for a box of 25.

Out tonight for inland duck flighting, so here's hoping.



I've used steel and Bismuth and although I still have both I dont bother fowling or flighting much!
Ugly - I'm sure you'd be able to get rid of them to any 'fowler you know for at least what you paid for them - just a thought? I reckon I'll be sticking to steel myself, or the missus may give me both barrels for buying the more expensive stuff.

Bugger all at flight tonight - probably due to moon state and good weather. Also, lots of standing water from previous rain providing good feeding elsewhere. Still a great night to be out though and the bonus was seeing / hearing an awful lot of snipe in the area, which will provide good sport in the months to come.



I'll keep them, you never know when I'll get a duck drive on a guest day!

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