Wildcat weapon systems

Just a query and I know its a few years away yet but does anyone have any clues as to what weapon system is destined to be strapped on the Wildcat? Are we continuing with GPMG ARD and M3M? I have heard a rumour and just to clarify, it was a rumour that Miniguns (Dillon Aero's) where being looked at. Is this more wishful thinking or is there weight to the rumour?


I wonder if the cabin floor is going to have the chutes for the two 20mm cannon, as originally fitted for the Lynx, and, according to various news reports, is still on the cards as a weapon-fit?

I'm sure there'll be lots of options for Wildcat. Whether or not you'll see them fitted is another matter. From what I can recall, the Dillon fit was a bit of a squeeze in the 7, so may not work out in the 'new' airframe.
I was told about the 20mm Cannons when I was down at MW by some of the ATIL blokes, they were trying to secure the training package for wildcat at the time, don't know who won it. By all accounts a rocket system has already been designed to sit along side the cannons, Army have been hummin and harrin about wether to go for it, surprise surprise.
It does look like its had a mid-air with a Merlin and has been painted by a 5 year old with a box of airfix paints and a potato.

As was once famously said 'if it looks right, it'll fly right'..............

We're fucked.
Ralf said:
Mmmmmmmm nice .....not :oops:
Your bum looks big in that or are you smuggling teachests?

Designed using a set of log tables and a straight edge rather than computers and a wind tunnel??
Just fit it with an external loud speaker system and let the pilot bore the enemy to death talking about himself :wink:
John Delorean came up with the sketches after a night on hallucinogenics and a case of peach schnaps.

Its orrible and I bet my sack it won't be fit for purpose.

Surely the bes thing this new Government with their big bag of radical changes can do it to turn Wastelands into an overspill carpark, sell of their tools at car boots and start from scratch with a grown up making decisions. Not a spinning wheel full of silly ideas, dreamt up by blokes at 03:00 hrs on an 18-30s holiday
brighton hippy said:

eads has turned out a military ec645 probaly crap nut cheaper crap :oops:
Its plastic and shit.
Now we have 9a, why do we need this bloated expensive piece of shit? SDR will hopefully shelve it and spend the cash on useful stuff for the chaps on the ground. Anyone who thinks this isn't a waste of money is on Acid
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