wildcard.rgbw at it again! Anyone get their stuff?

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by wr512, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Some of you may remember that i am having problems getting goods paid for from wildcard.rgbw. Some other people were having similar problems and he promised to send the goods without delay. Well guess what? Nothing as yet, he answered a couple of messages assuring me that he had sent the jackets only to come back last night saying he had to get to the Post Office! Now he is back to ignoring messages so i am back here to warn potential buyers that if you pay this conman for anything don't expect any straight answers or goods. BUYERS BEWARE!!![/b]
  2. Just accept that we are not getting our kit, write it off as a life experience and if you ask Jarrod nicely, he'll bum wildcard to death at some point.
  3. Not surprised by this one little bit. I seem to recall him using a new courier firm and away from Royal Mail.

    The bloke's a crook and needs his fingers breaking in a locker door before falling down stairs!
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    If there is sufficient evidence to prove this; is there as case to put to the CO's for IP address ban him so he cannot con anyone else on the site.

    Hard facts and data required for a convincing case though and not in public. I suggest that you co-ord a single evidence document to the CO's, ask if they will be willing to assist in a report to EBay & the police as well.

    I can't and won't speak for them - but if you can produce enough solid evidence (i.e. not an isolated case) it passes the service test for me.
  5. I have got about 15 messages from him still in my messages box, all contradicting and is prob evidence that he truly is a criminal. Last time i posted about him he was on here defending himself within minutes. Not so quick this time round. He is in Reading and is a Cadet volunteer, he has also got links to the TA prob in and around Reading, clearly ex RGBW so i have a feeling he won't be hard to track down especially as he has an ebay account which will be registered to an address. All that in just 10mins research. Bet if i dug deeper into social networking sites i can get his pic.
  6. I even had the decency to warn him that i was going to make this post, just checked message account and he hasn't read it yet. What do you think his excuse will be this time?
  7. The same little c0ck done it earlier knocking out combat smocks for £20 to go to Hols4H. not got a prob with paying up, but when asked where the goods were he reckoned he couldn't afford the postage and was going to get the site to help sort it.
  8. Dog ate it or his Nan died?
  9. I got nothing. What happened to the previous thread?
  10. I'm going to enjoy this.
    I never thought it would be possible to dislike someone purely for the way they post on a faceless internet forum.
    The guy is a bell end of the highest order.
  11. Methinks it's time this individual is branded with an Oxygen Thief tag.

    Having read and responded to a number of his posts, (especially on kit), he is quite clearly some sort of wannabe individual who really has no idea.
  12. That's funny he told me that he only had one left (despite that I was the second person to bung the money to H4H), and it wasn't my size. Since then no comms.
  13. out of interest mate what is his ebay user name?
  14. Funny old thing. His ebay account has vanished! Prob cause he's been reported for scamming me thinks. I have managed to track him through paypal and have sent him an invoice for the amount that i paid him. Maybe everyone else who he thinks he can just rob should do similar and then we may be able to get paypal to rectify this as he would have to register bank accounts and addresses. He is a member of some pretty f*cked up groups. Just google him. Also a pic of who i think may be him is on arrse so no getting away with cyber-you-can't-see-me-mybookspace crap either.
  15. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    One e-mail address found on first hit: wildcard.rgbw@hotmail.com

    Posted 05 Jul 09