Wild shootout in US bar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Gangbangers, even holding the roscoe sideways. Welcome to our mutlicultural society.

    If they were registered to vote, you can bet they were on the "Hope & Change" wagon
  2. Hopefully Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich and his bitch/whore limey wife were caught in the crossfire and died at the scene. :twisted:
  3. Honestly we know you are a republican and you're pissed off your right wing fuckwits didn't get in again and yes the other lot may screw it up. However stop whining, the whole point of a democracy is that is the will of the people so man up and deal with it. When something bad happens or someone acts like a twat it isn't always the democrats fault and a lot if the time it's very likely a consequence of previous policy anyway. Also Obama isn't going to cause the destruction of the United States even if he tries so if he's as bad as you all think the US electorate will vote him out next time.
  4. Actually dont give fcuk one what you think, since you have no vote in My Country. But if one looks at the people who commit said offences they sure as shit aint republicans, but ascribe and indentify more with the 0bama camp. Republicans are more white collar crime types stealing trust funds than Shooting it out in a bar full of Trailer Trash, Illegals, and Meth heads over a dime bag of Hydroponic chronic.