wild goose how to roast ?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by detmold_padbrat, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Ive been given a goose that my mate was given (so its 3rd hand !) that he shot on the marshes, Norfolk. Now, I have drawn it and plucked all the feathers off it including most of the down... but it is very lean ! I thought geese were fatty... not this bird. Im a bit concerned it will shrivel up and turn to carpet after I cook it... how best to cook it ?? can you add fat ?

    Its a Canada goose apparently. Appreciate some knowledge by those with experience
  2. Have you considered using an oven?
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  3. do a three bird roast with loads of stuffing
  4. Treat it like a turkey. Thick layer of butter rubbed all over then drape it in bacon! Shove a halved onion, a halved lemon, some chopped garlic and a bunch of thyme, sage and rosemary up its bum! Put an inch of boiling water in the roasting tin, tent it with foil until the last half hour, take the foil off and whack the temp up to crisp it!

    oh and use an oven!
  5. Have you considered Google?
  6. I would cook it slow and long as if it is an older bird it will be a bit tough if cooked fast, wild birds tend to be less fatty due to the fact they do more exercise and eat more grass and less pellets than domesticated geese.
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    Do they cook as well?

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  8. I'd microwave it til it's luke warm. Then **** it. Then bin it, and order a Chinese.
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  9. Thats a lot up the bum that is BB !!! Ill give it a spin. thanks very much.
  10. consider the golden mantra. "the internet is for porn, facebook is for stalking" .. this is neither.
  11. Remove the breasts,pan fry skin side down until skin is a golden colour,place in oven at about 180 for 10 -15 minutes,remove,cover with foil then rest in warm spot for 10 minutes.
    Confit the legs.
  12. Depends how old it is. Shot one ringed - traced it back and discovered twas at least 18 years old. Tough as old boots even boiled for a year. Eat the young birds (oooh eerrr) leave the old ones to them as have nothing else to eat. (if it's third hand, I suspect there is a reason)
  13. Use the hot fat to pour over your shoes, waterproofs em for years, leather shoes become wash clean, think of the shoe polish savings. Give the goose to the dog and have a vindaloo
  14. I've got this recipe from an old 'keeper, so it's as good as it gets: pluck it, gut it, halve 6 apples and put them in the body cavity, re-seal the flaps (thread them with string) bury it deep in a good rich soil, then leave it there and forget about it.
  15. Why did you draw it? Are you a bit of an artiiist?