Wild Geese

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. Free today in the Sunday Mail....

    One of the best movies ever, if you've not seen it then you are gay.

    If you don't go out and get a copy now you know its a freebie and you've been told its one of the best movies ever you are even gayer.

  2. It was a rubbish film. That's why it's being given away for free in the papers.
  3. Except it mans giving money to the bloody Mail...... :(
  4. It was filmed at Wonderboom Airport in SA which was used for black ops by the SAAF (explaining its extra long runway - good pics check on Google Earth) and also by Simon (Mann) for his holiday flights. Lived there for 2 yrs - top place. Used to drink Mampoer in the Bullet and Vomit then race our bikes up Rwy 11 after activating the lights on a PTT.

    Also, Julius Limbane was based on a real character. I remember fondly finding the book for R2 in Babanango Gorge, Zululand in 2001 and sitting outside a bar on the main drag getting pissed looking at the locals with an imaginary FN.

    And, no, this wasn't "the same Babanago Gorge where we..."

    Already arranged to get in the Magners to watch film with the family this afternoon:

    "Broad Sword calling Danny Boy" he he he
  5. Fudgepacker then?

    Trickywoo wrote
    No No No

    Wild Goose calling Iron Man
  6. Curse NAAFI for refusng to stock the DVD's, and for selling the paper for three times the price!
  7. Also, Colonel Mad Mike Hoare (5 Cdo) was the Special Advisor if Dame Mem serves.

    That bit a the lad's school goes down well too and the was Burton arrives in "London" clearly pissed and hating the cold as much as in the book is also excellent.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I think the medic did the RAMC more damage than good!
  9. "Broad Sword"? Where Eagles Dare. Mea culpa.

    Book's better than Dogs of War, I reckon.
  10. I don't know he saw off them fuzzy wuzzy's with his SMG before tearing into them with a fighting knife....

    The Mrs won't sit int he same room as me when I've got it on, I become erect and start to say out loud what everyone is going to say three seconds before they do :D
  11. That's my Sunday afternoon - it's raining as well - another excuse to be idle.
  12. The RSM is a quality bloke. What is it he says to Roger Moore? Something polite like "get up Sir, or I'll kick your fcuking head in!"

    I've just dispatched the Missus to get me a copy of the Mail. With explict instructions to free the DVD and chuck the paper in the bin....Nice.
  13. On you feet Lt Finn before I kick your head in :D

    His response to his first jump was better though

    'Lt Finn, that was ludicrous, you are jumping from an aeroplane, not a whorehouse window'

    Can't believe he dies..... although he does hold a Bren gun like a bit of a wetpants :D
  14. A guardroom classic, although I preferred the risible sequel, if only for the bit where the PIRA scumbag gets kneecapped.
  15. Blotbangrub........ wash your mouth out

    The sequel was an insult to the death of Presidnet Limbani, Capt Janders, Sandy and the rest of the fallen :D

    Old Jock will be turning in his grave and screaming 'cnut' at you for suggesting you prefer the second film

    It is a true story isn't it?