Wild Geese to be remade by Guy Ritche



On the bright side, at least it won't now have Madonna in the Richard Burton role.


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Ohh, GUY Ritchie... I got mixed with that other Ritchie fella, Shane.. :roll:
Not convinced it will be better than the original.
Wild Geese was a movie of its time and I'm not sure it will suit being modernised.
If he tries to make it Snatch in DPM, then sh1t, but if he gets some decent military technical advisors in and insists that the actors spend some time with real squaddies to make sure they get it right it could be quite good...bet it ends up with an 'america fcuk yeah' character though...
Wasn't Madge, him et al protected by ex Them? I think he will know where to look for some technical advice. Failing that I'm sure he could get plenty from this site!

Loud mouthed Yank? Or maybe he could draft Brad Pitt again for a slightly more mentalist figure.

As for the film itself I reckon it would be good, if people get off the slate Guy Ritchie bandwagon and accept that he can make a cracking film that would help.


He will make an arse of it. All the blokes will be GEEZERS and probably american.
It wont be an african country in case it upsets someone.
Think how the italian job was remade and hashed up.
Not looking fwd to this one.

Who should play the Sgt Major?
Who should play the Sgt Major

I reckon Pete Postlethwaite could do a mean retired Sgt Major.
There should be very very strict rules.

No Septics.
Only people who can shape a beret.
They find someone equally nails to play RSM Sandy Young
They find someone equally cheesy to play Lt Sean Finn

On the whole its probably not a good idea and could spoil one of the best films ever.

Off to watch it now, mumbling 'Lt Finn...... that was ludicrous, you are jumping from aeroplane, not a whore house window'
Remakes of classic films never seem to cut it. I can't think of any that get near it. Even the latest Tom & Jerry cartoons are not a patch on the originals.
Who's going to play the kid running across the playing fields shouting 'Papa'? Nearly shed a tear at how touching that was!
I reckon Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee and Damian Fox would be a good starting point for the cast, Pertwee was spot-on the dialogue in Dog Soldiers, Fox was good in Band of brothers and Sean Bean could just be Sean Bean and kill people with his uncompromising yorkshire attitude...


How about Will Scully having a starring role? Did a good job in 'Love, Honour & Obey' and can shape a beret.
Mugabe as the African Politician 8) Vinny Jones and Wimblen soccer team as the Simbas :lol:
Please Mr Ritchie if you read arrse:

How about The Wild Geese 3

Roger Moore as Sean Finn who now runs a PMC.

Jude Law as a grown up Emille Falconer, who after serving in the Paras/marines/army cadets has become a "merc".

All usual Brits in the cast
Sean Bean
Jason Stratham
Eddie Izzard (as the medic)
Danny Dyer
John Altman
Rhys Ivans
Robert Carlyle
Daniel Craig
The bloke who played Trevor on Eastenders
Even Ross Kemp hahaha

the list is endless

Ross kemp should be a reporter making 'Ross Kemp in African Sh1thole' in a cameo!

'I wanted to do Ross Kemp in brighton this time but the missus threatened to beat me again!'

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