wild geese/lame ducks

Out on the piss the other night at a retirement do, an old story came up about us going to help out one of the blokes parents at their home/farm in Zimbabwe. we were all in the pub after work and had been there a while and had reached the point where ambition had been confused with ability and we decided that if we all took annual leave for a month we could help the white famers out in a small way, bearing in mind most of us weren't exactly the cream of the British armed forces in the first place (some of the blokes were even ex R.A.F. ) we had planned it all out and were going to do a great job all round and then come back to the u.k with a few war stories.
the point is what adventures have you and your mates / old soldiers dreamed up while on the piss which seemed like a good idea at the time, even to the point of choosing the gun group, (showing my age there) and section cmdrs. wild geese................ silly old sods.


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I was out on the piss a few weeks ago with my mates Dave, Barry and Sarky, when we came up with the idea of getting our own back on some raghead nutter in Libya. We reckoned that if we got Barry's mate who has an old Cessna, to go and drop a few bags of flour all over Tripoli, then we would put the crap up him. I sobered up, but sadly the others didn't, and in fact, seem to have been drinking even more since they now reckon the can push this bloke over or something.
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