Wild claim: One in five Scots has blood tie to ancient Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hackle, Jan 15, 2005.

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  1. Nobody say anything! Thread locked, etc

    Another story below from today's Scotsman.

    ISTR that there is a theory that Croats and other assorted South Slavs also came 'originally' from the Middle East (well, we all came from Africa to start with, didnt we?): might explain that wild-eyed look some of us have in common with your average ethnic cleanser. :wink:

    The bit about some of our ancestors arriving from England is more worrying, though. :lol:

    tough on those of us who dont get STV or Grampian!
  2. Abu Ben Blair? 8O

    FMOBB , the spin machine has excelled itself. I take it the grockle Campbell is back then?

    Maybe time for him to go back, then, now so much progress has been made.

    Campbell too!!!!!!

    Not me though, I could be one of the Norse ones. You can pay my passage back to Norway if you like.
  4. Actually I read somewhere that the DNA of our longer-resident people, well you know what I mean, was pretty much the same up and down the coasts of our Sceptred Isle, which makes some racial fantasies look pretty stupid.
  5. Boat leaves today at 3 from newcastle, cost you about £100. Ill put some beer on ice.
  6. LOL Skjold!!! Thanks!! But will our 2 cans of beer cost another £100?
  7. Interestingly enough I have just been reading that people from the Kurdish region originally came from Northern Europe - do you think this is the earliest example of 'twinning'?!
  8. Well,it beats being the "Lost Tribe of Israel :lol:
  9. "well, we all came from Africa to start with, didnt we? "

    Gents the rest of might well have done but I didn't, no FCUKing way.
    I have never owned a slave and could'nt give a sh1t if any of my ancestors did.
    And I am 100% certain that none of my ancestors sold fellow tribal members into slavery.
    Glad that rants over as the board was looking quite ta day.
  10. Dunno why anyone thinks this is a surprise...
  11. Jings! Crivens! Help ma boab!

    Does this mean we get a postal vote?
  12. Could still apply :lol: