Wild Child, 10, Tasered Over Bath Time Rage!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uk_numpty, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. An unruly 10-year-old girl has been given a Taser stun gun jolt after she kicked an Arkansas policeman in the groin.

    Police were called to a home in Ozark, near Little Rock, over a domestic disturbance, according to a report by Officer Dustin Bradshaw.

    When he arrived, the girl was curled up on the floor and screaming, he wrote. The youngster was also kicking and resisting every time her mother tried to get her in the shower before bed, the report continued.

    Mr Bradshaw wrote: "Her mother told me to 'tase' her, if I needed to."
    The officer tried to take the girl into custody but she was "violently kicking and verbally combative" and struck him, the report continued.

    So he delivered "a very brief drive stun to her back", the report said.

    The girl's father Anthony Medlock told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that his daughter has emotional problems, but she was unarmed and should not have been tasered. "My daughter does not deserve to be tasered and be treated like an animal," said Mr Medlock, who is divorced from the girl's mother and does not have custody.

    Ozark mayor Vernon McDaniel said the youngster was not injured but wanted Arkansas State Police to investigate the incident.

    "People here feel like that he made a mistake in using a Taser, and maybe he did, but we will not know until we get an impartial investigation," Mr McDaniel said.

    The state police refused to launch a probe, saying it only gets involved with criminal investigations rather than matters of policy.

    Police Chief Jim Noggle said no disciplinary action was taken against the officer and insisted Tasers are a safe way to subdue people who are a danger to themselves or others.

    "We didn't use the Taser to punish the child - just to bring the child under control so she wouldn't hurt herself or somebody else," Mr Noggle said.

    The girl, who was taken to Western Arkansas Youth Shelter in Cecil, will face disorderly conduct charges.
  2. Promote him immediately!
    Although his actions will no doubt result in his department being sued,for emotional stress and trauma.
  3. Shocking!
  4. F*cking right, tasers (although they hurt like hell, from first-hand experience) are a bloody good way of controlling people. I do think tasering a 10 year old is a little OTT, but if it worked, why not?
  5. It would be near Little Rock wouldn't it... (Was the scene of violent demonstrations in the 50s over desegregation in school, and rather brutal...)

    Bloody southern states.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    What a throbber he should have chucked her in the bath water and then tasered her wet ass
    That would have got far more bubbles in the bath
  7. Im sorry but theres nothing funny about that...

    If he cant restrain a 10 year old girl without resorting to 50,000 volts then hes in the wrong job! Surely this amounts to cruel and abusive punishment? I know this is the NAAFI and nothing in here should be taken to heart but that officer deserves to and probably will lose his job.

    What did people used to do before tazers were invented and they had an unruly 10 year old girl to deal with, oh thats right... a single bullet to the head.
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    According to the Straits Times Officer Bradshaw has been suspended for 7 days without pay for not following Departmental Procedure because he did not have his camera on.

    Seems a bit harsh - if he had taken pictures of this minor he might have been accused of being a peado.
  9. I find this kind of behaviour by the police absolutely outrageous! I mean.... wasn't the guy carrying a night stick? Surely current procedures dictate that on no account should the taser be used until one, if not both, knee caps have been beaten completely off the fekkin' legs! Pffffff, :roll:
  10. Oh dear me.

    Edited to add. This is the Septics were talking about? A single bullet? Surely he would have emptied the whole clip into her just to be on the safe side?
  11. what about pepper spray ?
  12. I've got a 5 and a half year old and when she throws a wobbler I think I'd pay good money to have a Taser handy.
  13. What? And enrage the creature even more? Take them down quickly, it's the only safe way.
  14. Probably shouldn't but I just laugh my tits off when my 6 year old starts having a tantrum. Soon stops her though.
  15. I am sure he asked her politely to stop being foolish and get in the bath like her mum had asked.

    What would you prefer he did? A gooseneck? perhaps breaking her arm? Yes, that IS the sort of thing that was used prior to tazers. If the 10 yo was going nuts, that is what would happen. Incidentally, have you seen the bruises a 7 year old can cause when haveing a strop (admittedly a special needs 7yo, but 7 none the less).

    But he used the 'drive stun' which basically means, he didn't fire prongs in to her, or use the stun device to cause overloading of the neural system. He just gave her a short sharp shock, to 'drive' her back from striking him. It sounds like she is a bit of a nutter, so even a 10 year old could cause harm to the copper, by stnaders or themselves. But he used teh very lowest of responses at his disposal. I would rank the night stick above the driving stun.

    One little belt, she probably realised she was on to a loser and calmed down. End of story. or not......