Wild Camping Lake District.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TopCat1308, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know of any decent areas for a spot of what 'they' call wild camping in the lake district??

    I know of a place sprinkling tarn south of Keswick, little strole away from scafell pike always provides an activity other than getting p*ss wet through.

    Anywhere else???
  2. Beware the woods lads' you could get a surprise. Look out for 3 Tonner rumble.

    Rumble, rumble, it's all balls in't jungle. :D
  3. I should have thought that almost anywhere above about 1000 feet and off the beaten foot path would be good.
  4. Just back from a week up there myself and bumped into a few wild campers on the hills. Good thing to bear in mind that even if you stay high up it is still supposed to be the done thing to ask whoever owns the land if its ok though how you find that out I wouldn't know.

    Loads of advice on here in the forums:

  5. I was wondering how you could manage that aswell, the old adage if you dont ask you wont be disappointed...just be prepared to be moved on.
  6. Red Tarn at the base of the Hellvellyn ridges. It's easy enough to tuck yourself away from the footpaths and v quiet after 5 ish.

    Don't know about landowners permission but I've never had any dramas there.
  7. It's right pain in the arrse being moved on at 02:00 hrs. Although I'm very much of the 'doit till they tell you not to' school, |it's better to have a good nights sleep - not worrying about irrate landowners.

    Or for that matter discovering a squashed and formerly very rare orchid under your basha.
  8. haha...or a red squirral in a diabetic coma from eating all the sh*t 'energy bars' you hauled up with you.