Wild camping in Germany?


Not having 100% hearing actually helps, most germans will speak slowly enough for me to comprehend, as I find it an easier language to read than listen to.
A lot depends upon how you were taught the language, I had 5 years secondary school to O level German and 4 years to O level French. A friend is currently being crammed in French in the most appalling grammar rote method and frankly all it is achieving is to show him how silly the French language is.
Next door, Baden-Wurttemburg. Given that I can't speak German either we tend to get along quite well with a lot of pointing, shrugging and just gesticulating for another pint of beer (that's the locals, my relatives do speak English or I wouldn't bother going).

Apparently this is amusing for those that speak rural German as it was mentioned by at least half a dozen people last time:

Edit - someone did try and explain the difference between high and low German but I was drunk and not really listening. I do remember it's counter-intuitive - high German is spoken on the northern flat bit and low German is spoken in the southern mountains?
Baden-W├╝rtemberg is a lot better than Bavaria, at least the rest of Germany can understand them!
the average english person trying to learn a foreign language,has to be taught first that shouting and screaming does not make you easier to understand!!
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