Wild Boar (Sanglier) Recipes?

Did a search for this [usual Arrse disclaimer to start a thread] but couldn't find anything on Arrse:

Does anyone have any good recipes for a Wild Boar roast (Rôti de Sanglier)? I picked one up in the local supermarket but it didn't defrost in time for dinner, so I'm considering a more elaborate recipe involving a good marinade as opposed to just slamming it in a hot oven with some basting.

It's a shoulder of boar weighing 1kg rolled up in what looks like a cam net for a Para helmet. There's not a great deal of fat on it but enough, I reckon, to make it a reasonable roast.

Does anyone have experience of cooking this cut? Is it better as a roast, or might it benefit from a good marinading first? (I tried the usual Google recipe search, but there seemed to be no consensus of opinion.)

Thanks in anticipation.
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