Wild boar hunting may return to Britain

This may be good news to those who have had to put up with 'wild boar' on their land/farms.

But is it likley in today's touchy feely world, where animal activists have such a big say?

The burgeoning wild boar population rooting around in Britain's woodlands needs to be culled to halt an impending environmental disaster, scientists said yesterday.

Conservationists and wildlife specialists are calling on the Government to designate the ferocious creatures as game, paving the way for boar hunting seasons.

Three hundred years after being hunted to extinction, thriving packs of wild boar - known as soundings - have re-established themselves across the country. It is estimated that Britain's wild boar population is already in the high hundreds and growing unabated.

Along with the spread of the tusked pigs come increasing fears for the safety of humans, livestock and crops, as well as the threat of an urban invasion.

In Contrast, these animals may not actually exist (in law)

A farmer accused of keeping "wild boar" without a licence has been acquitted after a sheriff ruled the animal did not exist in the UK.

A pig expert told Stirling Sheriff Court that Ian Hogg, 43, could only have been keeping "hairy pigs" at his smallholding near Dunblane...

Sheriff Cubie said: "I accept Dr Macdonald's evidence that there are currently no such things as non-domesticated forms of the species Sus scrofa in the UK, and accordingly I find Mr Hogg not guilty."

Would you back the hunting of 'wild-boar' as part of a management scheme?
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