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Wild Bikini's of Waikiki



Last April I took a vacation in Hawaii and brought back some photos of Wild Bikini's of Waikiki that I posted for the members at my home site, GIJargon.com. I was wondering how I would post them here for the enjoyment of the members (especially the males). Which section should they be posted to and do you allow nudes?

I have over 30 of them and they are very lovely ladies.




Ahem 8O we do have very strict rules over nudes here.
They should be male only and must measure up to our exacting standards.
Submit them for approval via PM :lol:


Thanks! I'll post the Wild Bikini's later this evening. Don't worry, the nudes will stay off the site. I asked simply out of courtesy.

Picture upload doesn't work at the minute. I fixed it then broke it again. Will get on the case shortly.

Edit 26/8 just after a late, lazy breakfast while you lot are all working:

Fixed. Upload working.

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