Wikileaks today 17th Jan 2011

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boris7, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. Now this is the sort of thing they should be doing....
  2. You can't have it both ways.....

    Wikileaks does what says on the tin. Regardless of source.

    2000 clients, of which how many will be British MPs, Lords and other high profile members of our society?

    Any names we are particularly looking for?

  3. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and Peter Benjamin Mandelson are tow that spring to mind.
  4. Hold your horses. Elmer, who was fired by his employer, Julius Baer in 2002 when he was head of their operations in the cayman islands has a history of both mental health issues and false acquisitions of prominent individuals he accused of tax evasion.

    Thus far none of his proclaimed tax dodgers was proofed to have had an account with his previous employer. Also, it is perfectly legal to have a bank account in which ever jurisdiction you fancy, incl. Switzerland, channel isles or Nigeria, as long as HM Revenue is aware of it and you paid whatever tax was due on that money.
    It only gets 'interesting' when politicians suddenly are found to have undeclared accounts, though even then it depends if the data shows just the account holder (not very useful as most personal accounts are numbered, held by an offshore company or a pseudonym), or, and that would be more interesting, if they show the beneficial owner. Even then, a lot of political money is never placed with any reference to the real owner. They use business associates who open accounts in their own 'name' but the assets belong to said politician, it is referred to as 'fronting'.
    If that has been done it's almost impossible to connect the dots unless the person who is fronting steps forward.
    Politicians will use people over whom they have leverage to make sure the assets remain under his/her control. In this case the real beneficial owner never figures on any paper and hence is highly unlikely to ever be revealed anywhere. More often than not the banker is not aware of that situation either.

    PM me if you need an account, the minimum is a million quid though. ;-)

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  5. This bloke has allegedly been touting his "evidence" around for a couple of years and so far no country's inland revenue have seen fit to try and use it. If the evidence proved anything then I cannot believe the relevant tax authorities wouldn't leap on the cases - they always seem to want every penny from me!

    I suspect this will turn into another load of Wiki-tosh; one notorious loon propping up another!

    There is one way to shame tax avoiders/evaders - publish how much everyone pays in tax. Then everyone can see just how little tax some millionaires pay, people will then make their mind up if they want to travel with Virgin, shop at Topshop, buy Bono's latest drivel, support Premiershit football players or support the enoblement of champagne socialists. I believe one of the Scandinavian countries publishes their tax bills - possibly Sweden?
  6. Good point. In fact, if you take that concept a bit further you could, as a corporate entity, manufacture all kinds of tidbits against your competitors regardless of truth or veracity, package it as a leak, hand it to Assange during a press conference, and voila... potent tool to manipulate opinion.
  7. Reference the accuracy of the data, Wikileaks claim to have a team of investigative journalists check through the stuff before hand. Not saying it'll be the case here, but apparently the stuff they leak is screened.
  8. By whom and using what method? Wikileaks isn't exactly "forthcoming" with communicating their processes or folks involved. If judging by the previous dumps, their method appears to me to be screening for "gotchas" and enhancing or embellishing them and or simply mass dumping information given to them.

    It could also be the largest deceit in history fooling everyone into thinking that this is a group that is providing leaks but in fact is providing governmental directed information targeting public or international opinion.

    Really there is no way for any of us to challenge the veracity of what is published in wikileaks nor view what they get vs what they publish.

    Interesting to see however what will come of this banking situation. Swiss banks having complete secrecy in my opinion have always been a bad idea since it makes tax evasion for the most wealthy easy to do.
  9. **** people hide money in offshore accounts.
    Not exactly cutting edge journalism.

  10. They approach mainstream press. They've done so repeatedly.