Wikileaks: Suspect Bradley Manning faces 22 new charges

For example they've got Intellipedia which I believe is basically an internal version of wikipedia that comes in Top Secret, Secret and Unclass flavours.
As do our friends in the West Country (Mangoldpedia, I think). Which, of course, being them, doesn't run at anything below "Above Secret".
The really worrying thing is that, not only has he been kept in solitary for over a year, but that the Pentagon is able to interfere with his case while it is sub judice and dictate how he should be treated in confinement - see State department spokesman PJ Crowley resigns over Bradley Manning's treatment - Telegraph. Such flagrant disregard for due process bodes ill for anyone who is ever detained in the US and is a very good reason why we should extricate ourselves from the unbalanced agreement with them on extradition.
He's held under the UCMJ since he is a Service Member.

Uniform Code of Military Justice - UCMJ. ART. 9. IMPOSITION OF RESTRAINT

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