Wikileaks Assange back in the news- Mel Gibson style this time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. It's always those damn jews.

    NYT: Assange alleges Jewish smear campaign - World news - The New York Times -

    Ok, Mel Gibson check list:

    Australian: Check
    Misogynistic Relationship: Check
    Skewed World View: Check
    Hates the Jews: Check
    Blames Jews for world evils: Check
    World Conspiring against: Check
    Drunken Rage Rant Arrest: Pending

    Guess it's off to Sweden then where those evil nord jews can have their way with him.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Probably a **** film on the way blaming the British for everything - check
  3. So the Grauniad's line on Palestine is presumably designed to cover up its part in the global Zionist conspiracy ... fancy.

    Woof, woof.

  4. I think articles like this ascend the pop culture shine and show true colors is all. What it shows is what I said all along, this guy's "agenda" isn't truth or transparency, it's about shaping world opinion to his particular way of thinking.
  5. this i suggest might be what is really going on,

    one of assange's wikileaks board members in sweden is called
    israel shamir, as mentioned in new york times, and elsewhere.

    The Guardian has called Shamir "notorious for Holocaust denial and publishing a string of antisemitic articles"...

    Deutsche Welle wrote that the Iranian government "said it intended to invite academics such as German neo-Nazi [lawyer] Horst Mahler and the Israeli journalist and Christian convert Israel Shamir, both of whom are Holocaust deniers"...

    Israel Shamir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    he has about 6 aliases. i have not come across a birth certificate.
    however he does emanate from siberia for those who know russian.
    a body with that name did emigrate to israel.
    he did serve with an israeli paratroop unit and saw action during the
    israeli crossing of the suez canal 1973, and certain other things.

    in fact his story bears no small resemblance to another one, known as lt.colonel
    israel beer (pronounced be'air), and a kgb mole.

    Israel Bar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    however i suggest israel shamir was never activated, not least because
    the kgb crumpled into the fis, and he thus became redundant/dormant.
    years latter perhaps the fis decided to reactivate him, he having lots of
    credibility now in certain circles, to do some mischief, this time aimed
    at the usa.

    lo and behold, he is fitting to be on assange's swedish advisory board.

    thus and therefore; some new charges by the us authorities.

    this is just a suggestion, from all the jig saw pieces. the
    more serious bit behind mr. hislop's barbs.
  6. Hello mountain, this is molehill...

    It sounds like a pretty sad story in a journos fevered mind.

    Wikileaks has plenty of damning evidence for a large number of governments. Could the Isreali government be p1ssed off enough to let Mossad loose to discredit Assange? Damned right they could. Do they need to do so, probably not, the guy seems to be enough of an ******** to make a fool of himself without outside help.
  7. I read those wiki entries and this gave me a chuckle:

    If the israelis are after the world they have a lot of ground to cover. I've never been to israel or gaza but if pictures are any indication as to what the governance is like, I'll go with the jews thank you very much.