Wiki Upgrade

Cheers bwana :)

BTW, I notice you've been working with tidying stuff up, usually tat spread around by yours truly.

Is there a style guide anywhere as to how you want articles laid out?
This is a community project and therefore my view has as much or as little validity as yours! I like to try and use the structures that the software offers (headings, bullets, aliases etc). The reason for this is that I believe they make pages look more readable. If you don't agree then just roll it back!!

I'm also aware that most people don't know all the features that the software offers so I try and modify pages that people have been working on so they can see how it is done. There are lots that we do not use (Templates!) and in due course I'd like to get people using them as well. Have a look at Wikipedia to see what can be achieved ....
Can you try a ctrl-f5 refresh on that page

Quote from a help site for the wiki software ("MediaWiki evidently tries to be clever about caching and headers. It doesn't seem to work in the real world.

The repercussion is that after editing a page, you don't see the changes; instead, you must use CTRL-F5 or SHIFT-F5 to reload and bypass the 304 (unchanged) status code passed in the HTTP header.")

If that doesn't work then same refresh on this page please:
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