Wiki Broken?

Is it me, or is the wiki not accessable?
Nope not just you. Then again perhaps I'm just too much of a chopper?
Working ok, the first few times it was slow but eventually got there.
The graphics on wiki pages appear to have mysteriously transformed themselves into, "clicky links."

Need I sign out a Tin-foil hat?
Obviously it's just me, then.

Can any, "ninjas," out there help, though?

All the picture links/user templates are displaying as Http://....../....../...

Using Firefox as browser; haven't conciously changed any settings.

Yours in puzzlement,

I recently upgraded the wiki to the latest version of software. The problems you are seeing are almost certainly due to that - can you put a link in here to a page with a problem?
Ahh - ok. Mine is like that too. I'll have a look into the problem this evening.
A little later than promised but this is now fixed - I think!

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