Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by LordVonHarley, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. I got an email off my Father asking me to help source a Wii for my Aunty, some thing about Christmas and gifts for my 8 year old nephew. Now in my day I would have got a tool set and been told to make my own games console.

    Now every cnut and his dog is after these things and the only place to get them is off ebay at inflated prices. . . . . . . . unless you get a Jap Version.

    Now what is the score with the grey import other than the little darling having to learn Japanese to read the video games manual and the power unit?
  2. Go to the game station shop they are really lovely and will help you as best they can to have one .
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Fuck off, Chubb. No-one wants your advice.
  4. Hasn't this been discussed before? Check the Deutsch version of Amazon...
  5. you can also try www.bol.com which is the Dutch amazon-type site. There's no shortage of the over here (my mum took 2 sets back with her when she visited last weekend).
  6. As peeps have said, go European. Its the same region as UK, Japan is not same region, and could result in many tears (unless you hav it chipped of course, but that would be imoral :D )
  7. Got one no probs from amazon germany

    took about 4 days for the delivery....all you got to do is change the plug
  8. We have a winner.
    Would she need to open a German Amazon account?
    How much is the postage?
  9. Quite, But with some of the games been utter pap, and a waste of a decent DVD disk, and some hours of bandwith, I'm glad that I'm very imoral with knobs on :)
  10. Amazon.de have stopped sending the Wii outside of Germany and Austria now :oops:
  11. Most of them are being sold on eBay

    I feel sorry for the parents who kids want one for Christmas and have to pay a fortune to buy one
  12. Just go to as many shops as you can and put your name down. Failing that just scout out as many amazon-esque sites, and try the Netherlands... that was good advice...

    Might be a bit late now...

    Should have thought about it when it was released a year ago, like me. :boogie:
  13. Ended up paying £360 for one last year. Still the dogs though.
  14. A shop in Salisbury has 60 of them in today! The shop's called "Smyths"
  15. Bought mine in the Summer for list price.

    Good purchase, waiting for a killer app though. Mario is ace, but it seems short...