Wii Xbox or playstation 3

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bobferal, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. which is the most fun value for money most enjoyable or just the best all info gratefully recieved ?
  2. girlfriend.
  3. cheers but i know none of the above nag
  4. it depends on what you want? Are you a serious gamer?

    The WII is great fun to play with your mates after a beer, etc. The XBOX, and PS3 are better in terms of graphics etc
  5. onIts very hard to make an oppinion as the nintendo wii is in very short supply again .

    There is no problem buying the x box 360 though .
  6. If you have kids, then its the WII every time can't get the little buggers off it.
  7. If your after a games console then go for WII. If you want an entertain system - games, HD videos, music, internet etc and backward compatabilty then PS3.
  8. Unless you are a serious gamer then the wii wins.
  9. nahh, id go for the 360 as ive recently bought the ps3 and the games are shite, best value for money has to be the xbox

    although the Wii is good if your having a laugh with mates, and it helps if you got a big tv, but its rubbish by yourself.
  10. That being said the 360 has a habit of dying quite regularly, and if you want HD then you have to buy an add on for the 360, whereas the ps3 has a built in blu-ray player. Problem with the PS3- no games for it.
  11. If you want "Grown up games" then go for the Xbox 360. Halo 3 is damm good. However for fun the Wii takes some beating.
  12. Deaf/Mute Girlfriend with hands tied so she cant nag you using sign language ???

    Got both an XBOX & XBOX360 and apart from Lego Starwars, game I play most is counterstrike on line.......

    Looking to get Nintendo Wii at Chrimbo too and maybe invest in suitable flat screen telly n sound system for those long boring winter nights sat playing console games checking the contents of me beer fridge hasnt gone off.
  13. Own a Wii & 360

    Wii - Cheaper than the other two, more fun with more than one person esp if before town. Games are OK-ish but mostly aimed at the younger gen & FPS games are weird to control.

    360 - Bit more expensive, prem package is really needed for the extras etc but has a massive range of games/upgrades and looks brill on HD screens! Xbox live is also a lot of fun. Needs looking after though, over-heating & disc errors are a common problem.

    Ps3 - Not played at all, from what ive heard little games, way too expensive.

    Last weekend woolworths had an offer on the wii at 159.99, not sure if its still avail.
  14. I have a Wii, and think it's the best thing since sliced beer. At the moment there are very few games that are adult-orientated (Wii-mote porn, anyone?) but even the kiddie games are fun to play.

    Cheap, compared to the other two. And when you can pick up a DVD player for £30(ish) it's still well under the price of an XBOX or a PS3.

    Yes, the graphics are not as lush as the others, and yes, some killer apps like the new Grand Theft Auto are not going to be on the Wii, but all round it is just much easier to use, and very intuitive.

    Plus, the women like it.
  15. I've got a Wii and a PS3 and let me tell you the Wii hasn't seen use in months. I think your best bet might be the XBOX360, the PS3 is more of a home cinema and networking/internet gaming tool and it's games aren't quite good enough yet imo whereas the 360 has a more 'plug and play' feel to it.

    If however you want a blue-ray/dvd enhancer and a games console for your big ol' plasma then the PS3 wins.

    If you don't have a plasma/lcd and don't want to spend much then I'd probably go for the Wii, Resident Evil 4 is quite fun as are most of the games (albeit short lived) and there are a few arcade style shooters coming out for it soon.