Wii wont connect to the internet?

I finally worked out why my Wii wasn't connecting to my wireless router, it was invisible!! I have a T-Com Speedport 700v, it is now connected to the router, but the Wii isn't able to connect to the internet, all the configuration instructions are in German and I'm stuck?

Can anyone help?
Its not a statute issue, as I'm in Germany and its from T Com.
The german person might be the solution, cheers flash!!
I had to put my wii on to the router manually using the MAC address of the wii as it would not auto find the router.

If you have got it to connect to the router and not to the net then it must be a router setup thing. You just need to double check the router settings for the wii, make sure it is allowed access to the net, incoming and outgoing, that sort of thing.


My Wii says that I'm connected to the router, but it won't connect to the internet. I checked the Nintendo website, and the only thing I could come up with was the MAC filtering thing. I shall check and hopefully get online.

Cheers jethro
make sure your router is broadcasting in b and g signals together and not one or the other, i had the same problem with mine and changed the settings on the router ans it worked
b and g ? Will have to try and get some german geezer to come and have a look, as I'm stuck. The settings all look OK, MAC filtering seems to be 'Aus' cheers for the advice.
Thats pretty much the same screens that came up with my T Com router, I've followed the instructions but couldn't see anywhere that said b or g?
Cheers Cpl R

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