Wii V XBox Kinect

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Legs, May 23, 2011.

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  1. I have a Wii and a few Wii games and fitness type programmes. It's OK I suppose. Easy to cheat on the fitness and just wave your arms about. The graphics are pretty basic though.

    The XBox Kinect looks good though. No handsets to launch across the room, the graphics look better and ....

    Is it worth the £260.00 for the XBox Kinect? With the bits and bobs I have for the Wii 'Game' have offered me £100.00 trade in. Is the system worth it? Are the games worth it? (I'm not into shoot-em-ups so Medal of Honour is not on my wish list).

    Anyone got any reviews of the XBox Kinect?
  2. I got a set for my kids for x-mas. They mostly play kinectimals and the game that came with the set. I have not tried it myself for exercise (I'd rather do gym tbh), and it takes a bit of getting used to the controls but it does work. You need a big space and stand at least 2 meters away from the TV, can be an issue with UK house/room sizes. Have a look at youtube reviews of the exercise game that interests you. Some high street retailers have demos up you can play with you fancy.
  3. Having played both, the Kinect is far better than the Wii. The graphics are better, which does keep you interested longer. The games are also better.
  4. I have both got the Wii first loved it especially playing COD Reflex with the zapper then I decided to upgrade the telly as it was begining to get embarrasing it took a full corner of the living room so i decided to buy a samsung LCD , so having plumbed the Wii in i found the graphics were garbage i tried heaps of settings it wouldn't let me check the HD telly box category i gave up in the end and just set it as best I could I was disapointed as the picture on the old big backed telly was perfect , maybe some one could explain the reason for the picture quality lacking on HD telly . So last christmas the missus bought me the Xbox and Kinect I havnt looked back mind you i don't play on it for too long as I got a severe bought of motion sickness after playing all day on it a couple of weeks ago , my young daughter plays on both she doesn't t really see the diference in graphics but I do, so would defo go xbox all the way . But do tend to slide into a game of mario karts every now and then that's because I love playing it with the daughter .
  5. The Xbox and Playstation is centred around HD graphics were as (I may be wrong), the Wii games aren't designed with HD graphics. I got my wee lad a Wii the other week but my tv broke, so I'm back to using an ordinary LCD and anything on the Xbox except FIFA, just looks shite, so he'll have to wait a few weeks till I get the tv fixed.