Wii Modding

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by carlbcfc, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. I know this can be done but not sure if its a simple process.

    Anyone got their Wii done?

    The Wii in question is a few years old so now so not to bothered if it last only another year or so.

    Its not mine, its the kids.
  2. Do you mean getting it chipped?
  3. Thought about getting this done on every console I've ever owned, but just never took the plunge for one reason or another. Youtube has become famous for DIY vids, not much but it's a start.
  4. Only done the DS, which was simple.

    Ill risk it this time and take it as a lesson learnt if it fails. Someone will be along to educate us shortly no doubt.
  5. you chipped the ds? what's wrong with the r4ds?
  6. I meant the R4, in fact its the R4i we have now as they upgraded to the DSi (same fooking shite I must add)
  7. Modding your console is very easy nowadays especially with the wii, you want to be looking for the presoldered WiiClip with the corresponding chip for your type of wii. Puch your serial number into the "find out what chip" database and order the right one.

    google 360upgrades for all your modding pleasure.

    *author of this post does not condone the modification of consoles for illegal use of downloaded games. Modding should only be carried out by those competent in electrical safety and should only be carried out for 'homebrew' purposes or to enable the legitimate backups of their legally owned original games.

    Modifying your console will invalidate the warranty and can render your console unusable should future software updates be applied to the firmware.
  8. I was told it was more hassle than it's worth, and the chance of catastrophic failure was high. also for some reason or another you had to leave the casing off? don't know how true this was but with "little fingers" in house decided against it.
  9. Easier than that now, you can do a software hack with an sd card to sort it.

    This is it I believe


    Not done it myself but its non invasive and wont ruin your warrenty
  10. And that allows you to play downloaded official Wii games?
  11. Apparenty so, even better if you bung them all on a usb hard drive.

    Thats all I know about it mind you.
  12. You can put the games on a usb drive you say?
  13. cheers for that, don't understand a word of it :? but other half is a techno freak, will get her to look at it :)