Wii Fit

Trying to find one of these but everywhere I try is out of stock.

Short of paying over the odds on eBay, anyone got any ideas where I can find one??
Picked one up from ToysrUs on friday
My sister got one for me on friday from tesco.
Game also say they get stock in most weekdays but sell out straight away. So try them in the mornings
Cant fault it (normal wii that is, will comment on the wii fit when I get one)!

Equally suitable for my young children and for friends playing 'under the influence' at 2 a.m. after dinner parties!! :D
Wii's are brilliant fun, the wii fit is even better, used one for 7 days and already my running has improved. Only complaint is that the board seems to have been designed for the eastern europe market and is therefore not wide enough , especially for pressups.


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Mr_Deputy said:
ah sounds good thanks for the recommendations. Are there any nasty shoot em type games for it? Any worth avoiding?

Polar - thanks it sounds good, bit like having a personal trainer. (Ref the board: Are all E Europeans really narrow? )
My mum got one specifically for Wii Fit (which it took her 4 months to get hold of). Only "proper" game she's got is Zelda, which I have a crack on when I can and I love it. Simple and effective in many respects, but some very challenging puzzles (like Zeldas of old) and graphically impressive. Mario and Sonic Olympics is fun, and things like rowing and swimming can work up a fair sweat.

There's supposed to be some truly evil and violent shooter/slasher coming out for the Wii soon, although I forget its name or even what it's about. I just remember a lot of fuss about a game of such intense violence coming out on the "fluffy bunnies and princesses" Wii. You can also get Resident Evil for it and a few other shooters which use the IR bit of the controller to aim.

I wouldn't buy one for myself, but for a household with kids, gamers, socialites and drinkers under one roof it's pretty invaluable. Get some spare controllers and some fun multiplayer games (Super Smash Bros, etc.) and you're laughing.
Another alternative is PM an Arrser that you know is serving overseas and get him/her to bring you one over, taking into account the obvious regards tax, make sure they buy it for you from the local stores and not the Naafi but Germany/Cyprus for sure have loads in stock by all accounts. The game will be PAL Europe so will be useable in a UK WII, Germany sometimes however publish their games only in German so bear that in mind too.
I have a US import WII and between UK, Germany and Cyprus never had a drama with any voltage problems. Saved a packet buying from the US WII Console and 5 games £100 :) Bargain!

I do use a transformer (more than meets the eye) for auto voltage changing but the kit itself is interchangeable and the same effectively, ie I can use my Wii Fit board from the UK on my yankie Wii, its just the software barrier that is in place. Again that too is bypassable and also legal by the way in this technological age.
Got hold of one quite easily in the end. Bought a very good value bundle (with Wii Play, which is excellent for getting the kiddies used to using the handsets) from the 'Game' website and it came in about 2-3 days.

Haven't really had a chance to get to grips with any of the games yet but the initial setup and fitness test was fun!!
Mrs MJ just got one from Game.com £100 plus two other games (kid Friendly), just about to give it a go. (game not Mrs MJ) apparently it is dead funny, and more so after a bottle of Shiraz just like PS2 Monkey Buzz.

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