WiFi not playing ball, any help please

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by MarkOnesBroken, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. Right, I have wireless network in my house using a belkin router attached directly into landline. It used to get nowhere near the conservatory where my work desk is until I got a belkin signal booster leading to happy days. Was getting very good/excellent signal. I am now getting low/no signal.

    The only thing I have changed is to encrypt the signal with the 128 bit WEP(?) encryption as the signal was open to anyone who wanted to abuse it.

    Any bright ideas on how and why this is fcuking up my aura?

    My thanks in advance
  2. Check to see if it is conneting to your booster or to your router?
    if it does not see your booster then it will connect to your router reason for weak signal.
    I think i read some where 128 bit wep can screw up your network check to see if your router needs a firmware update.
    are you using a usb adaptor or a pci adaptor
  3. WEP or WPA encryption will lower the range of the router. Hence, depending on how drastic the difference in signal strength is, this might be normal.

    Have you tried a directional high gain antenna. You can get one in maplins (not reccommended unless as a last resort) or online where there is more variety.

    What is this booster you are talking about? Wouldn't a high gain antenna/ wifi repeater work as well or better?

    Edit: Oh, and perhaps a good compromise would be Lan over Power or whatever it is called. Basically you can use power sockets to network your home.
  4. Good tips guys thankyou. As said, the router is plugged directly into desktop and landline. The laptop is on a network card plugged into the slot at the side of it.

    Have not even heard of a directional high gain antenna let alone try one.

    I looked at the firmware update which left me a blank space to look around for a file or folder or god knows what to update?

    I suppose the original question is.....how do I protect my wireless signal from dodgy people with roaming laptops without losing signal strength?
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    This tells you how to turn on your security:Setup Info Edit to add: I know this isn't yours but the screens should be similar, PM me if you need a hand. 2nd Edit: Having re-read your post I can see you can do this, (dick!) adding wep should make the signal drop but not that much.

    This should help you select the encryption best for you, I'd recomend WPA minimum.

    Your problem with loss of signal strength could be by others near you using wireless on the same channel. You can check by looking in 'Wireless Networks' and seeing if there are many others near you. You can set your wireless to work on a certain channel. This may help. You could have a knackered antenna, always worth considering!
  6. Have you entered the WEP key into the signal booster? It won't relay the signal otherwise, hence your lack of signal after previous good signal.
  7. Use MAC address filtering, set up static ips for the 2 machines and block all other ips and change the default password on the router, should be pretty much impossible for someone to get into it after this (unless they really want to)
  8. That actually seems to be the most likely scenario. :idea:
  9. Thats how i do it, no security codes just restrict the networks to specified MAC codes.
    Just make sure you change the router password from default.
  10. Lads and Lasses,

    Thanks a lot for this little goldmine of ideas, at work at mo so will try all this at home later.

    On looking again at it this morning, it appeared that the signal was nigh on full strength, but still only getting limited or no connectivity, apparantly due to a problem renewing the IP address. I'm hoping that trying your advice will sort this.

    Again, my thanks
  11. Right, have changed the encryption to WPA PSK, I do have some screen shots but don't know how to up load them on here.

    The booster I have is the belkin repeater with no apparant way of adding the network password and on the available networks page it shows up full strength. I am also picking up next doors bt homehub sig which is knocking out 3/5 bars.

    My connection status is piping up limited or no connectivity but on looking at the properties section of this page it's showing only 2 bars of signal, which is odd because when the security is disabled I'm getting full strength. So.....still a bit stuck!!!!!
  12. You dont live in a prefab do you?
    i take it its a pc you have and not a laptop,what card do you have in your pc is it a pci wireless network card or usb?
    last but not least if you give in just hardwire it
  13. If you use Higrounds method of adding the MAC addresses then you can go back to unencrypted, which you say worked well before. The adding of MAC address will stop your next door neighbour and the dodgy bloke sat outside in the Rangerover with a laptop on his knee from hijacking your bandwith.

    True your connection will be unencrypted, but then unless you have hyper sensitive stuiff you think someone will make a serious attempt to hack into, you should be fine.

    PS. Make sure you add your Wireless MAC address first, or add them from your hardwired PC. God forbid that anyone would be stupid enough to add the Wrong MAC address from a wireless PC and lock themselves out of their own router /blush
  14. There will be some way of programming your repeater be it a USB connection or plugging into it with a network cable. You will need to plug into it and provide it with the details of the network you want it to boost i.e. the encyrption key and the SSID.

    If you have binned the user guide they are usually on the web...
  15. Well I spent a week and a half screwing around with the damn thing, changing, WEP encryptions to WPA etc, over 2hrs on dog to Belkin and still not that much joy, so have binned it for now until I meet someone with half a nounce to do for me (or a crate)


    I would still like to thank you all for all of your helpfull advice and it's good to know that a wealth of experience and willingness to help is still out there.