WiFi in the underground

It says:
"If you're a customer of one of the following, you will get internet access on London Underground at no extra cost. Follow instructions at login and choose your provider;

Virgin Media broadband and Pay Monthly Mobile
EE, T-Mobile and Orange
If you're not one of these customers, you'll be able to purchase a daily, weekly or monthly Virgin Media WiFi Pass to get online."

Good old income generation there then.
This was briefly handy during the crazy Olympic period when it was freely available to all networks.

But for the short amount of time spent down there I hardly think all the O2 customers will defect to other networks to benefit from it.

Then again all those Facebook cronies will still need their fix no matter where they are.

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I can't see it ever equalling Hong Kong - free wi-fi in MTR (underground) stations and within 50m of public phone boxes.

But there's a risk that you might Wing the Wong number.


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I find it only works at some stations and usually you get a signal just as the train is about to enter a tunnel again.

It's handy for playing on the net, checking Arrse, that sort of thing. But probably not to good if you are relying on it for work.
Will the drivers be going on strike if they don't receive some income from the telcos?
Well today is Wednesday so I imagine they will be going on strike if Thursday happens to follow Wednesday.
Is there an app that tells the driver when the signal's on red?
This is a good wind up.... What I like doing in the underground is setting my alarm for 2 mins and to a ring tone. When it goes off I answer and have a small conversation, the looks off people as they looks at their phones with no signal. Had one guy ask me which provider I was with. I suppose WiFi may screw with my fun.

Someone I know did it and answered "Hello, this is 2 5 Bravo"... "Negative, no targets seen, out" The Evil bastard :)

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