WiFi in the underground

It says:
"If you're a customer of one of the following, you will get internet access on London Underground at no extra cost. Follow instructions at login and choose your provider;

Virgin Media broadband and Pay Monthly Mobile
EE, T-Mobile and Orange
If you're not one of these customers, you'll be able to purchase a daily, weekly or monthly Virgin Media WiFi Pass to get online."

Good old income generation there then.
I can't see it ever equalling Hong Kong - free wi-fi in MTR (underground) stations and within 50m of public phone boxes.

But there's a risk that you might Wing the Wong number.


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I find it only works at some stations and usually you get a signal just as the train is about to enter a tunnel again.

It's handy for playing on the net, checking Arrse, that sort of thing. But probably not to good if you are relying on it for work.
This is a good wind up.... What I like doing in the underground is setting my alarm for 2 mins and to a ring tone. When it goes off I answer and have a small conversation, the looks off people as they looks at their phones with no signal. Had one guy ask me which provider I was with. I suppose WiFi may screw with my fun.

Someone I know did it and answered "Hello, this is 2 5 Bravo"... "Negative, no targets seen, out" The Evil bastard :)

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