Wifi for All Service Accommodation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by paleblue_1, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Just testing the water here, but with all the new build and re-vamping of service accommodation (allegedly) underway, would it be a good or bad idea to incorporate Wifi into all service accommodation?

    This can be done very cheaply using the right companies to supply the service, it could even be done at very minimal cost if the MOD didn't wish to pay for it themselves, at a cost of say, for a 150 person block, even an SDSL 2mb line would cost £1.25 per service person living in the block, plus wifi routers, minimal cost, say £1.50 per person per month for the rental.

    would this be beneficial to service personnel "living in"?

    I for one think it would be a great idea, and a perk for the guys and gals.

    Thoughts/comments appreciated.
  2. I heard a little rumour that Sodexho are introducing a WiFi service as part of new contracts, or including the option of adding it to existing contracts. All at a cost to the user of course, but better than feck all I suppose...

  3. There are a number of messes which have introduced it - paid for by the mess.

    Talking Networks - 01980 551489 did a good job for us in Wiltshire. Cost us about £400.

    We looked at it for the block as well but the CO got the fear about lads downloading child porn on his flick.
  4. Bloody spoil sport
  5. The security issues would give pause, I'd think.
  6. What security issues? Why can a married man have internet access in his house yet a single soldier can't. Double standards yet again. Just because a soldier chooses not to marry (and who in their right mind would with all the tours at present) he is treated like a two year old.
  7. Quick I just saw a pig flying by my window

    strange Naafi and sodexo do bugger all for nowt or even the paltry 1,50 that was mentioned
  8. Good idea I reckon, would be welcomed and I dont see any problems with it at all over security issues.
  9. I think WB might have been referring to the danger of a mess co-located with a Div HQ for example, oozing leaky electrons all over the place. As you can tell, I haven't a clue.
  10. There is a company called SABRE communications who have installed broadband in all the messes in ALDERSHOT (2MB line coming into the mess then shared by X number of rooms...not ideal) I believe all the new builds in Aldershot will contain broadband to the rooms but not wireless. Better security as it only takes a simple downloaded programme to hack even the WAP security on computers
  11. As someone else who hasn't much idea how these things work (I only drive them, you see) I saw an item on the telly the other day about how wi-fi (as provided in hotel foyers and business-class lounges) is very frequently used by bad chaps to download your Barclaycard details, and thereafter, your dosh.

    I'd be very wary of any scheme which hasn't the leaden seal of approval from the senior geek in governmental service.
  12. Although I would rather pay for however expensive the line is, for a dedicated line speed to my room, than watch it goto the rats with 20 blokes sharing the line at once. But what doesnt help with the block is the contract you get tied to, specially with Op Tours since you lose the accomodation room & also with the QM Dept can move you around. Unless you get Mobile Internet like Clicky which can be pricey.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Approach T Mobile and see if they will install some hotspots. If you can get a minimum number signed up they'll install it. I'll try and get a contact name and number for you.
  14. We have Wifi provided by BT Openzone and unless you pay £24 a month it works out at £10 for a days pass. Contrary to Project SLAM we have not been offered an alternative as they looked at the provision of phones to all cabins and they shit themselves at the cost, so we now are absorbing it ourselves. I downloaded an 8Gb HD film the other week and now the mac address has been pinged by BT the download speed in pish.
  15. If I remember correctly it was on "The Real Hustle" a while ago and it involved the victim logging on to the baddies computer trying to get internet access. They obtained the details because of this.

    If it is paid for then you should hopefully not have this problem.