WiFi and getting a signal

Is anyone clued up on WiFi?
I want to get internet acces into another building except there is a f.o. great tree in the way. It seems to block the signal from the main PC. I can't cut the tree down because its got a preservation order on it.
I really need to get Internet access into two workshops. Any suggestions please?
Not the best reply but can you move your hub to a line of sight between the buildings, probably means a bit more cabling between hub and PC and the hub can then hopefully pick up the other signal. What distance are you looking at, I have worked up to 50m.

You can dogleg around objects using WiFi access points in bridge mode but it can get expensive. As MSR says if you can use cable but if going outside via an above ground route you should seriously think about fibre optic which can get expensive as well. You might also want to give the mains networking kit a go, probably the cheapest option if wireless doesnt work.

Have you actually tried WiFi and if so was it using the standard omnidirection antenna attached to say a wireless router. Most of these will enable you to add an external antenna which could be a higher gain directional type, this extra gain might provide enough power to punch through the leaves and branches.

Can you tell us more about the locations, distances, connection types, number of PC's etc
I had a similar problem when setting up wifi in a punter's house. The house was built in 1610 and had big foxtrot oscar thick walls.

Hit eBay and look for a wifi range extender, or wifi repeater. Needn't be expensive.

BTW, the line of sight suggestion is good advice.

Without boring you with the "why", changing the orientation of the router's antenna can make all the difference. Just fcuk about with it (eg straight up, down flat and pointing backwards etc)

Trial and error old chap.
I'll try and draw up a sketch map of approximate distances; that should make it a bit more clear what i'm trying to do
WiFi dongle and USB extension cable to remote the puter in the workshop?
Meridian is right when he suggested mains networking. As long as both buildings are on the same circuit of the transformer, it should work.

The best and easiest solution would be to get a repeater (Access point) and put it somewhere in the building 1 where it can connect to your router and also see the building 2. A repeater costs around £40 and very easy to set up. The only other solution i can think of, at the cost of limiting wireless in building 1, would be to run an SMA cable outside and put the antenna out there on the outside wall where it can see building 2, but thats a lot of hassle.

Out of curiosity, does anybody know how much the signal strength weakens on R SMA cables? I need to run an antenna to a better vantage point (indoors) but unsure if the signal from a home router will fade away along a cable between 5m and 10m in length.
happybonzo said:
I'll try and draw up a sketch map of approximate distances; that should make it a bit more clear what i'm trying to do
Give us your postcode and details of your pants at the same time.

I am a sad puppy and link into the mess wifi when I don't have sex with tramps or am in my little caravan at Scotch Corner.
Reverse Polarity SMA is a connector tyoe not cable type. The coax used might be RG58 which are quite lossy so you should keep cable length as short as possible. LMR-400 or 600 is a better type of cable to use from the AP to antenna.

RG58 loss; 1db per metre
LMR400 loss; 0.22db per metre
LMR600 loss, 0.13db per metre
A point remember about loss is that if the signal strength is reduced by 3dB then the signal is effectivley halved.

If the loss is as stated RG58 loss; 1db per metre then a 6 metre run will mean that the signal strength will be 1/4 of that measuerd at the antenna input. This will be reduced further is still if the co-ax cable length is increased.
Plus the connector loss, plus freespace loss, plus receiver loss etc etc

Calculating wireless link budgets isn't complicated in itself but you have to make sure you have all the factors in place

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