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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by catchyerselfon, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. Hi all
    Need to pick some brains please. I aint 37 yet (nor will i be for a good while yet) Can anyone point out a link or tell me where i can find out whether Mrs Catch can stay in a particular pad.
    She wants to stay put (Nursing Degree study)and i dont mind moving without her. Is there a possibility she can stop when my posting sends me elsewhere, which is soon.
    Thank you in advance
    (My unit is on leave or i woulda asked there)
  2. You have no entitlement to retain the quarter. However, you can apply to retain it and dependent on local circumstances (availability of surplus quarters, attitude of local DE and your receiving unit) you may be able to swing a married unaccompanied posting. It doesn't sound like you are in receipt of BSA but if you were you would need to ensure that you new CO would support a case for retention of BSA to PS(10).
  3. Speak to DHE. You need to apply to retain your quarter in your current area. I done it for 8 months last year, and it involved a couple of letters and a confirmation that there were surplus quarters in the area.

    Get your Unit Welfare Officer onside, your wifes studies are not a trivial matter and should be taken seriously. As you are applying to retain your quarter in your current area, and you stay in accom in a different location, you will be making yourself volunterily separated. This may impact on what allowances you can claim for your travel/separation.

  4. Catch - she can stay there even if you get posted away.

    However if the housing situation becomes untenable in your area, you could be asked to move out and get an MQ in the DHE area that covers your new posting, but the uproar would be unbelievable if they actually tried it on. I was involved in just such a 'discussion' between DHE and 'the occupier' and it went to 2 star level inside 30 minutes - after that it was all academic!

    It's best if you alert the DHE in your current area (they will get a copy of your PO anyway) and just make shure your bases are covered. Keep the DHE loped in, get your CoC involved as well, and don't be scared to play every card in your hand.

    Good luck!

    Edited to add: Boney beat me to it, but I endorse his wise words completely!
  5. As far as I am aware, the DHE and your posting branch are not linked so If you can keep it all quiet, no-one will be the wiser, unless your pad is one which the CO/QM has had his eye one for your replacement and will let everyone know that you shouldn't be retaining it. As long as you are paying the rent, and still serving, the first thing DHE know about you departing is when you book a march out.

    If you are in a generic patch ( amongst people from all sorts of units - and therefore a lot more anonymous) just keep quiet about it and crack on. There are 1 or 2 in my local area who stopped working here years ago, but retain their desirable residence for all sorts of reasons because it suits them. They have not applied to retain their quarter because we live somewhere "attrative" and hence would be fobbed off if we asked.

    Won't say where I live but that's my plan when I am posted too cos Mrs PLP is staying on to study.
  6. I did the some thing similar!! Stamped my feet and stood my ground basically, all a ruddy nightmare but worth it in the long run!

    Unit on leave or not, go and get it sorted NOW
  7. Yep - same here PLP! This patch is chocka with folks from all over - some of whom work a very long way away indeed!

    However, honesty in the best policy when dealing with the DHE - integrity and all that - and just don't give them the ammunition to make your life unpleasant! :)
  8. Wow
    Just took the dogs for a walk, got back and all these answers, thank you everyone.
    Will probably go with the "tell 'em" one though, i really dont mind losing out on a few benefits if it makes Mrs Catch happy and puts one more Nurse into the NHS eventually.
    Im a little way off of posting yet and who knows MCM may well find a slot for me close to home.
    Thank you all again for the speedy input.
  9. Don't do it - with the rapidly shrinking estate, the DE and local units are far more savvy about who is posted where and when - honesty is the best policy. Follow the very useful advice from Boney and others. If you are caught out you won't have a leg to stand on - as I said in my first post there is no entitlement and you just undermine your case.

    Small point but DHE no longer exists; it was subsumed in Dec 04 and the whole affair comes under Defence Estates (DE).
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Some good advice here. But bear in mind next time you do want a quarter and are told that the patch is full, that the reason is probably due to:

    D_D's point about honesty is well made. Don't try and f**k around with DHE - they have the regulations on their side!
  11. Catchyerselfon,

    you have PM.