wifey is a whinging bastard.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Having recently turned 55 and having seen the sprogs leave home and the mortgage get paid off..I decided to give retirement a whirl
    and have found that housework can be pretty much squared away by 9am leaving me with major decisions to make between fishing/tinkering/
    and Jeremy Kyle/Oprah...WTF have they been moaning about? earning the money to buy the fucker was a fuck sight harder than looking
    after it.
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  2. They don't have any hobbies or interests so they need to stretch it out to fulfill their empty lives.
  3. You are 55 and only arriving at this epiphany now?
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  4. Much the same as samain here, but I square it away by a strict timetable of ..March to september go fishing...sept to march tinker in the garage..don't seem to have time to fit much else in.

    Oh I forgot I don't do housework.
  5. Do benders fight over DIY projects?

    Do androids dream of electric sheep?
  6. Have you thought of a secret fuck buddy? Normaly found in Tescos draging a sprog around.
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  7. Oh, hi dad! :)
  8. I suspect gay guys do have the occasional fight but I am willing to bet that each day isn't an uphill struggle and that your cock wielding partner might actually have some patience.
  9. I just get some pig in to push the hoover around a couple of times a week.
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  10. I have 12 drivers at work
    Four of them are past retirement, they would rather get up at early o'clock and come to work than sit at home all day with their wives.....
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  11. Got any vacancies?
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  12. Housework?
    You fucking gay lord!

    God, bring back the old days when a bloke knew how to batter a bird properly! This whole metro-sexual caring sharing bollocks is wank!

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