Wifes wheels for sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by crabby, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Selling my wife's Honda Moped - PS125, 57 Reg, under 600 miles.

    Ebay link

    Three reasons to buy the bike:
    1. 80-100mpg and £15 a year tax.
    2. Easy to ride, low mileage, service history.
    3. If you wait until we've walked away you can sniff her seat to your heart's content.

    If you do contact me as a winning offer and let me know you're arrse I'll put £20 towards a service charity of your choice from the winning bid.
  2. And she still didn't manage to push it to the 600 miles to start it.

    A bargain. :lol:
  3. Does the wife know that you are selling her wheels, Crabby, or is this revenge for losing the first marital argument? :D

  4. post a pic of your missus so we can see if she's worth a sniff :twisted:
  5. Here she is relaxing

    you jack f ucker, hows she going to carry her clubs home?

  6. Any extras like a pair of her used panties to go with it?

    I'll get me coat then.
  7. We're actually in the middle of a pretty big move - about 2500 miles! Moving to where she's originally from. So moped, car and a whole load of other stuff has to go. (So look out for a 99 Accord listing in about 2 weeks time!)

    The moped is a surprisingly amazing little thing. It's no hairdrier in terms of noise or speed and uses hardly any fuel. Electric start and starts instantly on the button. It's done her proud for pootling around the city going to different schools for supply.
  8. but still no pic or answer to eodmatts question

    c'mon crabby, play fair
    the poor fellas gonna explode :D
  9. Picture of the lady below. Don't worry, she's a bottle gwar, so the seat won't smell of fox urine and twiglets.

    Moped still for sale...

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  10. Her eyes are too close together and resemble a pigs. You weren't expecting any 'Fwaar she's a looker' replies were you?
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Crabby, I'd like to write you up for an arrse bravery award.
    Seldom in internet combat have I ever seen a man with enough courage to face the potential consequences of posting a photo of his actual wife.
    Hats off :worship:
  12. My thanks. No gash shots of course. Otherwise she's not bad. For an ugly fecker I punched well above my weight!

    Just trying to put a face to a seat whiff.
  13. No you're not, you're just trying to convince us you're not a big wet panted scarf wearing kitten cuddling sausage jockey.

    It hasn't worked, and I have no idea why you thought that posting a picture of John Lydon with his hair brushed would.
  14. 2500 miles from Norwich isn't far enough!!!
  15. Quite right, and it'd take a bit too long by moped - hence the sale.

    So, back on topic - anyone interested?