Wifes Formal Dinner nights in the Mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by coffeewhite1sugar, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Gents & Gentesses

    I am organising an formal night for the wifes in a couple of months time, and i need to get my feelers out there to see if any of you have any good advice that will ensure the night goes out with a bang.

    Last thing i want is whinging wifes moaning that it went on too long, or there wasn't enough wine flowing around the table.

    i thank you all in advance
  2. Keep it short but not too short and keep the wine flowing!
  3. ...and don't embarrass yourself any further, the plural of wife is wives.....in any mess....and you might even earn some more brownie points if you call it a Ladies night.

    <pedant mode off>

  4. I take it your having a " Ladies dinner night " right do not combine it with a members leaving do as well , it will drone on and women get very bored and annoying . Keep it short and pally up RSM/SSM/BSSM/CSM, for regular comfort breaks . keep the wine flowing and the courses quick , most women are not interested in mess traditions they want a good cheap night ending with some dance floor time .
    have a good one
  5. Yes do have a good one, ladies nights can be quite entertaining and enjoyable.
  6. From a burds pov...make the dress code VERY clear, saves a lot of posts on RP asking 'do my shoulders,knees, cleavage,cankles have to be covered'! And yes i KNOW it's sad but these things are important, so state dress length etc from the start!
  7. Short!
  8. Don't forget the empty bowl to put car keys in, for those who want to play!
  9. me to blerk "what's the dress code for saturday?"
    blerk replies "eh??"
    moi, testily..."did they give any instructions on what we're meant to wear, formal, cocktail...what?"

    Him......"erm you have to wear a frock"

    FROCK.....bloody FROCK!!!!
  10. What's wrong with wearing a frock? Some conservative MP's often wear them.
  11. Oh before I forget, do a quick trawl amongst the husbands to find out what kind of wine the ladies prefer, not all of them appreciate heavy, almost black, red wine from Australia.
  12. What she said.

    Shed loads of wine (pink of course); let them go for a wee when they want; put lots of nice stuff in the toilets for them; get their hubbies (or some friendly firemen*) to do a tasteful Full Monty after the meal.

    Oh, and don't forget the dancing, they loves it they do.

    *Tried, tested and proved - I have the photographic evidence :D :D :D
  13. Some wives (some, not all) will always whine about the function, regardless of how good it is. Remember this - it's not personnal, they just don't have any idea how much time and effort goes into organising even the smallest of events. The starter won't be X enough, the main will be too Y and the sweet will be a little bit Z. :x

    Fuck 'em! As long as you've put the effort in (and you'll know) it will be reet. If they start getting on your wick point them in the direction of the Chrismas Ball committee and suggest they get involved organising that little beauty!

    One point you might like to take away from my limited experience is this:

    Don't forget the Disco. I risked it once and they all ganged up on me.
  14. Better still......cocktails :D in big fook off jugs!! passionfruit margaritas are particularly scrummy!!!
  15. That'll do nicely.