Wife With An Ache

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rottenjonny, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Although I've known the Mrs for almost twenty years, this afternoon after her visiting the shij house, out of the blue she commented she had Mammy Ache. Without hesitation and total blind ignorance I asked her "Mammy ache, did I shaft you a bit to hard last night" her reaction and reply was, a very dirty evil look followed by "your a man, how would you ever understand"

    I'm totally lost here, anyone know what Mammy Ache is and how the fcuk I should deal with it as she has not spoken a word to me since? :?

    I must add, I never heard her use this term of word before? HELP!
  2. Dunno but it sounds bad
    Doesn't mean she's got a bun in the oven or some such does it?
  3. Raging yeast infection?
  4. Just what the fcuk were you doing 'talking' to her in the first place? Do the pubs shut on sunday afternoons where you live?

  5. Mammory ache? Maybe your getting on her tits.
  6. Sore tits? Mammaries.
  7. You got there first Knotty.
  8. No, she can't be pregnant, I had the snip 8 years ago!
  10. Does not mean she ain't pregnant, maybe you were getting on her tits (Or not) more than you think? :wink:

    someone may have been wearing a rottenjonny :wink:
  11. I haven't though...
  12. If she is blobbing, could you send me her used tampons?