Wife running Bath half marathon for SSAFA

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by napier, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    My other half has spent the last few months getting fit for the Bath half marathon this Sunday. She's running it on behalf of SSAFA, so please give generously
  2. Wife running bath heh? ;)


    (Well it's a bump anyway! Good luck!)
  3. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Good luck for her anyway - I'll be stood on the touch line with the half time oranges and the fat wheezy boy with the note from Matron.
  4. Damn too late!!!! :D
    'note to self......trade in these fingers for a new set'
  5. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Bump - plenty of views but no donations yet - don't be shy, she's doing it to raise money for your charity!
  6. Agreed - so move it or reproduce it in the charity forum for the right exposure.


    Editted to add link
  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    It is already there - I just thought that it might be ok to put it here for extra exposure seeing as this forum gets a lot of hits, if thats ok with you oh wise one?
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Bump - go on, just drink a pint less on Saturday night and give the money to a worthy cause.
  9. You get a lot of people trying to help or offer you advice more than once then? Probably not - certainly not from here anyway.

    Editted to add that I obviously missed it on first viewing due to the amount of stickys in the charity thread.
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Bump. Currently about £500 raised, including nearly £250 on the website. Go on, drop in a couple of quid - you won't miss it and it'll go towards a very worthy cause, like the new SSAFA house at Selly Oak.

    Follow the link.
  11. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Ok, half marathon run. Not a record breaking time, but the effort was there. She's done her bit, so how about some of you popping a couple of quid into the pot. So far the total amount donated by arrsers = £10, and thats a presumption because I can't identify the donor.