Wife ousts Mistress!

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by swedishchef, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Posted on behalf of my dear husband! :)


    FOR SALE - 1972 Series III 109” Safari Station Wagon - £3,000 ONO - Located Barrow in Furness, Cumbria

    It is with regret and a slight sense of shame that I admit that I have been outflanked by my wife into
    offering for sale my mistress of the past 11 years.

    Bought as a bit of a rolling restoration project when I was a poor engineering student (when I could
    fit everything I owned in the back of it) it has been used as a workhorse to carry everything from
    climbing gear and paragliders up mountains to furniture for moving house and a 700 mile round
    trip weekly commute. As such, it has been substantially mechanically upgraded over the years
    (see below). With the engine, gearbox and LPG conversions I get 16 – 19 mpg on the road (LPG
    @70ppl) depending on driving conditions, it costs less to run than the new Defender I have been
    manoeuvred into buying!

    Resplendent in “Pimp-My-Tractor” black with tinted windows, the bodywork is mostly straight but
    the front offside wing bears the reminder of the Transit that wrote itself off and cost me a whole
    £25 for a new galvanised bumper. As a workhorse I have spent time and money on mechanical
    upgrades so, if you’re made of sugar, you’ll probably want some new door tops and door seals
    before the winter gets really bad.

    1972 Series III 109” Safari Station Wagon
    Tax Exempt
    LPG Conversion (dual fuel)
    2.8l ‘Power Plus’ engine upgrade (117bhp, 177lb/ft)
    Electronic ‘123’ distributor
    Flame Thrower coil
    High ratio transfer box (like an overdrive permanently engaged in high ratio, low ratio unaffected.
    Works really well with the engine upgrade.)
    Parabolic Rocky Mountain Springs
    DeCarbon gas shocks
    Galvanised Chassis
    Kenlowe fan
    Halogen headlamp upgrade (including loom upgrade and relays)
    Black modular steel wheels with 235x85x16 Mastercraft mud and snow tyres (5 off).
    Free wheeling hubs

    Any questions the OH should be able to answer them this evening or on Sunday when off duty other than that PM a phone number if you want to speak to him directly ref more information or to have a look at it.

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  2. Pictures please, and see if she'll agree to bonnet up shots ;)
  3. Photos please :)
    Sounds like this one could oust my current mistress...a 1984 V8 110 county which I dont have enough time to sort.

    Will have a word with the other half tonight but she is also keen on a Series 3 to take to shows etc.
  4. Will get some photos uploaded hopefully this evening when he's back.
  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Any chance of a test drive or a part exchange?
  6. Dark before he got back so I'll take photos tomorrow and upload.
  7. I,ve just been binned my the missuss, but not before I'd bought an 1989 3.5 v8 127 ambulance (my second)

    Land rovers are less high maintenance than the woman.....that's saying something
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  8. "Flame Thrower coil" , pardon my ignorance, is this as exciting as it sounds?

  9. It may help if you'd have highlighted the relevant text you spastic

    However, a flamethrower coil is what your bird has up her chuff after catching VD from those 13 blackmen
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  10. Wife, post a picture of yourself.He could keep the vehicle...is there a deal in the offing?
  11. Sadly not, smudge67er's explanation is far more exciting than the reality.

    A flame thrower coil has a higher voltage thereby producing a much larger spark at ignition.

    Photographs added to original post
  12. This thread is pure filth. Purest of pure porn. Thank God.

    Mother I'm home ...!
  13. Too right, Land Rover porn
  14. Awesome Wagon! GLWS If I had 3k i would be parting them with you for this!